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Dylan Burkhardt
  • Brick

    If Vogrich is our best chance at an ’09, what happened to Barrett? I am pretty surprised he hasn’t committed already.

  • Sorry my mistake. My laptop died (again) in the middle of writing that post. I’ll just say Vogrich is the 09 I’m most excited about.

  • FINALLY SOMEONE WHO “GETS IT”!!!! — regarding ****Rickey Green****!!!! I don’t agree with some aspects of his article (i.e. the “Recruiting Wars” article [can we say Dan Wetzel article {when he was at, ANYONE???!!!! ABOUT HOW this wasn’t limited to Michigan: 7 Midwestern schools were involved — among the more significant are Michigan, Michigan State, and Dayton} and Steve Fisher who 4-5 years ago was on a Michigan Sports Talk Radio show and he saying the Ed Martin was providing cash to MSU Basketball players in the early 1990’s as well {hint: altruism WASN’T THE ONLY REASON that Steve Smith gave back to his Alma Mater — i.e., he went to the John Wooden/Big Tobacco/Lloyd Carr–school of “how to use P.R. propoganda to make people forget about evil/shady things/indescretions that one has did or committed ;.))!!!! BTW, last time I checked Steve Smith, among others, was from Detroit, M.I.} and my favorite . . . Mateen Cleaves took money from Ed Martin {a former ‘Core MaizeRager who was the second-most recent Superfan and who was in the Division of Kinesiology verifies this/can confirm this in terms of providing and knowing of the logistical, technical, “dirty”/”gory” details that document this!!!!} There is a reason why MSU didn’t get busted and/or why the NCAA {Governing Body} looked the other way — hint: its the same reason why the NCAA looked the other during the early 1970’s when John Wooden/UCLA cheated {i.e. unlike our situation there actually was literally and specifically a Booster that ACTUALLY WAS STEERING PLAYERS TO COMMIT TO AND COME TO UCLA — Ed Martin, contrary to popular belief was actually not a booster because he was directing or steering players to various multiple schools == in other words he could care less were a prospect went to school as long as that prospect payed him back in collateral — implicitely meaning that the prospect made it “big time” to the NBA!!!!}!!!!]) but he is 110% spot on in his observation/analysis in regards to when Rickey Green played @Michigan (he played two seasons [i.e. he was a Junior College Transfer, which yours truly was also] from 1975-1977] under legendary UofM Men’s Basketball Head Coach [who is EXTREMELY UNDERRATED, IN MY BOOK — BUT THAT IS ANOTHER SUBJECT FOR ANOTHER TIME!!!!] Johnny Orr [1968-1980: 12 Seasons]). Here is the specific quote from that article that mentions Rickey Green:

    ****The best basketball eras at both Michigan and Michigan State centered on homegrown players, with some particular exceptions for Michigan: Cazzie Russell in 1965, ^Rickey Green^ and John Robinson in 1976, and Juwan Howard in 1992 and 1993, all played in national championship games after being recruited out of Chicago.****

    Also, on another note, as a request/favor (IT WOULD MEAN EXTREMELY A LOT TO ME!!!!) PLEASE, PLEASE . . .

    ****SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT RICKEY GREEN — IN TERMS OF SUGGESTING/LOBBYING/DEMANDING/TELLING people and/or organizations (hello, UofM Athletic Department) that Rickey Green should/must be *HONORED* at an upcoming UofM Men’s Basketball Home game IN this upcoming 2008-08 Basketball Season!!!!**** IF ****AND**** ONLY IF anyone is further interested then please say so “out loud” and explicitly either on this forum or on or and leave some way that I can contact you. Only then will I provide my email address and/or home-phone #. Also, if anyone needs/wants or is interested in Contact info. regarding UofM Athletic Department Officials and the UofM Men’s Basketball Coaching Staff (as well as some former Basketball players/current basketball players) and finally if anyone needs contact info./links to UofM Component Alumni Association organizations THEN ME KNOW ABOUT THAT AS WELL!!!! THANKS, SORRY FOR THE VERY LONG POST (I KNOW, WHAT ELSE IS NEW!!!!–LOL.), and PEACE.


  • Oh, one thing that I forgot to mention is that I don’t have PREMIUM (meaning I can’t read or post post’s on or on so if you post on those two aforementioned sites please do so on the sites’ free boards. THANKS AGAIN!!!!


  • Tim

    Dylan, not sure if you saw it, but Tuesday’s WTKA recruiting insider was almost entirely dedicated to Lubick.

  • Brick

    Vogrich is the ’09 I’m most excited about also but I think Barrett would be a decent get just for depth purposes. We really need some size and Barrett sounds like he could be a backup at SF or PF.

    I would prefer not having to rely on Freshman too much to step in and contribute so it would be nice to have an ’09 big that could learn for a year before we need minutes when Gibson and Sims graduate.

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