Big Ten Tournament: Thursday

Dylan Burkhardt

I don’t think there are words to describe how ugly that game was. If you didn’t see it on TV consider yourself lucky. I think that a combined 11 minute and 44 second field goal drought says enough. The key for Michigan was that Iowa couldn’t make their free throws either. Cyrus Tate was just brutal at the line (10-17) and a lot of those were during the drought.

The player of the game for me is DeShawn Sims. Peedi shot 5 out of 10 (2-5 3pt) for 14 points and 10 rebounds. He took a reasonable number of threes put also got some points inside and in transition. Not to mention a career high 10 rebounds for the double double. Manny of course had an outstanding game (although he is still learning shot selection) pouring in 19 points and 3 assists. Only 12 turnovers as well, one of which was letting the shot clock run out in the last minute.

DeShawn Sims in the interview room after the game is a definetely a little painful. He mentions coaches preparing the team well as well as playing tenacious defense. Not quite sure why Ronnie is in the interview room, maybe it was his 3 rebounds. Beilein steps in on the question of the drought, says that the team watches the margin (“the diff“) and not worried about how long they haven’t scored.

One note: Iowa’s Jake Kelly (Douglass’ former teammate) had 11 points and if Stu has that kinda game he can definetely contribute next year.

Onto Wisconsin tomorrow. Michigan played them tough even while getting out shot (44%-37%), only shooting 4 FTs, and only having 7 assists and Sims only shooting 4-19. However Manny had one of his best games of the year posting 26 points (11-19 shooting) and 6 rebounds.

To stay in the game with Wisconsin we can’t have those kind of droughts and we need to play defense the way we did today. The way we played in the first half, shooting around 45% I think we can at least stay in games. When we got 20 minutes shooting 27% thats when we are in trouble because good teams like Wisconsin will punish you for that.

UMHoops Prediction: Wisconsin 72 – Michigan 64. I think the season ends tomorrow but it was definetely good to at least get a win.

Note: Novak answers after we lose. I’m saving it for you guys. I’m going to miss the game tomorrow but leave some in game comments. Go blue and pull the upset!

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  • Rob

    Dylan, just a small nitpick, but why the snarky comment about Sims in the post-game interview room?

    What’s up with that? he just played a nice game and you still have to take a shot at him. Don’t like it, to be honest and it detracts from your great blog.

    None of these players….even Ron Coleman….should be taking shots. they are playing hard and trying their best. And they WON.

  • matt

    What time is the game tommorow?

  • Just meant that it wasn’t a smooth interview. That’s all. I also said DeShawn was the MVP of the game and he played one of his best games to date probably.

  • Brutal game from what I same on Yahoo! Game Channel.

    There was one stretch where Iowa had 3 offensive fouls in a row. Thank goodness the year is over and the Hawks can start getting ready for next year.

    Good luck against Wisconsin tomorrow.

  • Mike- We both have had painful seasons, it’ll be good for both of us to look forward to next year once this weekend is over.

  • Justin

    Glad your putting up highlights on your site now…coming soon baby!

  • Jeremy

    So, what’s the story? Do they not turn on the main cameras until the late games? Awesome watching highlights from one end of the court.

  • hat

    Hideous game, but I suppose we’re not really in a position to be picky this season. Let’s see if we can catch lightning in a bottle for 40 minutes tomorrow. Go Blue!

  • BL

    Pathetic start to the game for UM.

    everything manny is doing is WAY off, horrible passing and no rim on a few floaters/layups. Some of the guys look tired…short on shots.

    Gibson has played outstanding though….wonder if people still want to run him off after today.

  • Giddings

    Never thought I’d say this but Zack has played better post defense today than Ekpe. Agree that all the Gibson haters need to realize that when he plays defense and hits some shots, he can be extremely valuable (he’s already our best finisher down low).

    We can’t possibly shoot 21% for the rest of the game… can we?

  • BL

    we will shoot 21% if we keep taking the shots we are…i agree that we dont have enough “shooters” but i also think that with experience…the team will learn to take better shots. The combination is what we need to be successful.

  • hat

    It’s hard to believe Wisconsin is the sixth-best team in the country. You’ve got to say, the quality of play in college basketball has really declined over the last 10-15 years.

  • Kinda glad I’m not able to watch this one. The game tracker looks PAINFUL.

  • matt

    well, the most painful Michigan Basketball season is over.

  • BL

    honestly…..i cant get these two hours of my life back…its that painful of a game dylan.

    question for everyone…..

    WVU and huggins have talked about how their players feel stronger this year because they kept lifting during the season which beilein didnt have them doing last year….How much lifting (i know beilein isnt a powerlift guy) is this UM team doing DURING the season. I don’t think that i have seen any cases where it shows either way but when watching the WVU game the other night it made me wonder.

  • 10-50. 20%. Wow. I’ll post the Novak interview tonight.

    Stu, Novak, and LLP can’t come soon enough.

  • hat

    Oh, it was. Picture the second half of the Iowa game, and imagine if it had happened for an entire game. Wisconsin raced out to a 10-0 lead in the first four minutes, and then really, both teams sucked the rest of the game (though UW could not quite match our level of suckiness).

  • Benjamin (formerly BenAA)

    Woah. I am so annoyed right now.

    The entire team was absolutely awful. There is absolutely nothing positive we can take away from this game.

    34 points. Wow. Quite sad.

  • We can move on to next year…

  • Benjamin (formerly BenAA)

    I would like to amend a few more “absolutely”s.

    Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely, absolutely awful.

  • NVE

    I considered ‘working from home’ this morning to watch this, but opted to come into the office and listen to the stream instead.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the emails and spreadsheets I was sifting through much, much more than listening to that game.

    Yet another dose of medicine for die hard UM hoops fans this season, and this game was truly indicative of this team’s play throughout the year.

    For all the talk of our offensive woes, I am very impressed with this team’s improvement on the defensive end of the floor towards the end of the year. People will rightfully dwell on the 20% FG percentage, but we played hard and well defensively since the NW game – two of those efforts coming against Purdue and Wisconsin.

    I am really looking forward to seeing what the team can do next season after:

    1) A full off season of skill development. This is where Coach Belein is supposedly at his best.

    2) At least 3 more shooters in Douglass, Novak, and LLP.

    3) A more manageable non-conference slate that will enable a better start/more confidence early in the year.

  • Benjamin (formerly BenAA)

    A brief list of things that cannot happen again next year (and won’t??):

    1. Grady cannot be afraid to shoot

    Grady driving the lane and widely dishing to the wing- as opposed to making the open layup. This is totally unacceptable. He is quickly turning into the next, dare I say, Jerret Smith.

    2. Scoring droughts cannot happen

    We started this game with a 5 minute drought and another lengthy drought came in the second half. But, this problem has occurred almost every game this season.

    3. Points in the paint must happen

    We only score in the paint off of offensive rebounds. I am aware that we have no big man down there, but still Gibson and Udoh have moves. Why not try? Cronin will help next year.

    4. 3-point shooting percentage must rise

    While I am aware the calvary is on the way (LLP, Douglass, Novak, and Cassity(?)) but presently the shooting percentage is at bottom of the Big Ten. I am not a huge fan of “shoot 3s until we lose”, but thats what happened today and all season. Today we were 6-24 (25%). And quite a few of those were contested shots- not open misses. [sigh]

  • matt

    I beilive, (to the guy about lifting) bEILEIN DID NOT LIKE gITTLESON’S APPROACH, so he decided to run the Basketball’s S&C on his own. Barwis is apparently taking over next year.

  • ky fox

    shows how much we need to undersand how young this team is. Opposed to most teams having 1 to 3 freshman that play, we have just about a whole team. Id say we scrapped pretty good with the 6th ranked (full of senior leaders) team in the nation. Skill will be developed. The added depth coming in will be KEY in our fight to be a tournament team next year! Even in this wisconsin game there have been signs of development, especially in udoh, gibson, and wright’s gameplay. Which makes me really excited for next year! GO BLUE!

  • Ky fox

    we also have to understand how tired out this team probably is! No depth and a bunch of youngsters playing a crap Ton of minutes…it will only make us better for next yr tho! Barwis does need 2 get his hands into this team, if he hasnt already! It will be crucial for our guys, especially cronin, and manny, they are going to have to be STRONG with the ball! Manny also needs to slow down and understand that in some games hes not always going to be the star!

  • NVE


    Great point about needing a better mix of the inside/outside game. I understand that part of Beilein’s philosophy is to take and make more 3s than the opponent, but when that’s +50% of what you’re shooting then the looks from there wont’ be as good.

    We saw what happened today and much of the year with this approach. I don’t think we necessarily need a strong post game because the offense simply doesn’t incorporate isolation on the low blocks.

    I would like to see more of what Udoh did in the first half against Purdue. Solid, face up looks within 10-15 feet of the hoop. Alexander on WVU scored 34 last night almost exclusively through a mid range game. You have think Beilein played some part in that skill development.

    There needs to be a stronger commitment to getting our bigs the ball inside the 3 point line early in the shot clock. Sims, Udoh, Gibson, and (hopefully) Cronin can all shoot the ball.

  • ky fox

    I agree with you guys about having at least just a little more of a post game! I mean if we can develop cronin and udoh as beiing a threat inside…wether it be face up or babyhookin! That would really open up some shots for manny, stu, deshawn, wright, perry, novak, and everyone if they can become some sort of a threat..that will collapse the defense a little bit and open up shots for our gaurds! Lets hope Jb will go towards a little more of that with cronin, and udoh next year!

  • Nolde

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