Game 18: Michigan at Wisconsin

Dylan Burkhardt

Post-Game: Great effort tonight. After that negative blog before the game the team showed me something. A gutty effort in Madison where it’s never easy to play.

Most impressive aspects of this game were Manny Harris, rebounding, and defense. Manny Harris has showed up before (although he had himself a damn game and showed the whole country what he was about). The rebounding and defense shocked me though, getting 50/50 balls against a team like Wisconsin really suprised me. That has been a struggle for Michigan all year long. Great to see that this team still hasn’t quit and went into a hostile environment and played with a good Wisconsin team.

A few interesting numbers: Manny 6 turnovers, DeShawn 4-19 shooting (YIKES!), Rebounds 33-20 in UM’s favor, 7 assists on 26 baskets, 42% shooting for us while Wisconsin shoots 52, we also only made 2 out of 4 FTs.

Some things to work on: bunny shots for DeShawn (and getting him more solid post touches) and spreading the floor on the break.

Pre-Game: Looking back on the first Wisconsin game write up, it looks a lot like what I have been writing repeatedly throughout the Big Ten season. I honestly don’t see anyway we win this game (or any of the ones coming up) without a miracle.

It probably won’t be Leuer this time but someone on Wisconsin will have a career day hitting threes on the perimeter and someone will repeatedly get wide open dunks and layups with less than 10 seconds on the shot clock when the zone breaks down. Michigan might keep it close for a half, or cut the lead down in the second half but by this point no one will expect them to win it. You can pretty much count on Wisconsin shooting a high percentage and out rebounding us, DeShawn Sims will score 6-10 points over the span of 6 minutes or so and then disappear. We will have extended scoring droughts multiple times over 6-7 minutes.

Manny Harris started practicing some and should be improving which is good for Michigan. Ron Coleman is still very hobbled and I don’t think he needs to be on the court, he is immobile enough with a healthy ankle.

Until this team proves me wrong, I won’t expect much more than this because it seems to be the “blueprint” for Michigan basketball right now.

UMHoops Prediction: Wisconsin 77 – Michigan 55

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  • Giddings

    All dead-on observations… I also liked the prediction of Tony Freeman being “that guy” on Saturday and it turned out to be oh so true.

    As for this game, Marcus Landry always seems to destroy us, but I’m gonna go with Michael Flowers as “that guy” tonight.

  • Dylan

    EEE-Pay Udoh… Glad we have done our research on this one ESPN.

  • Some real bright spots tonight (Manny!). They hustled a little bit more, got better looks, and actually hit a few of them. They just need another player or two, and they might raise to the level of mediocre next year (sigh)

  • Dylan

    For sure a good effort, funny what happens with a little more hustle. DeShawn could be damn good if he had a motor. Maybe I need to write really dark game previews to inspire the team haha.

  • Dylan

    It’s also becoming very clear that we need a Justin Watts or Ebuka Anyaorah type player for next year to fill in the back court.

  • Thanks for the comment, Dylan, and the better info!! I basically just get what I read in the paper, and being a State student, it’s a bit difficult!

    Go Blue!

  • RB

    Props to Sims. Struggled shooting but had a positive impact by battling on D and for rebounds. Probably the best game I’ve seen him play. Good to see. Also Udoh, Shepherd, and Gibson did work. Harris impressed, but does anyone else notice he dribbles with the ball too far in front of him? Leaves him at risk for steals. Same for when he goes up for a J, that ball extends too far in front of his body. But you got to love his toughness and work ethic.

    Still don’t understand Grady sitting behind walkons most of the game. But it was a fun game, hopefully we’ll see more like this.

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