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UM Hoops Podcast 1.5: Zack Novak and USA Today’s Nicole Auerbach

The UMHoops Podcast is back, and not a moment too soon before Michigan plays its biggest game of this young season. The Wolverines are going against Duke at Cameron Indoor on Tuesday night, and Dave Merritt and I thought this would be a good time to reunite and talk some hoops. We were joined by […]


Three-time Michigan captain Zack Novak has kept in touch throughout the season, sharing his thoughts on the Wolverines as well as providing some updates on his career in the Netherlands. We figured it would be a good chance to catch up with Novak before the NCAA tournament whirlwind starts for Michigan. Zack shared his thoughts […]

UM Hoops Podcast 1.5: Zack Novak and USA Today’s Nicole Auerbach

Former Michigan captain Zack Novak and former Michigan Daily senior sports editor, now of the USA Today, Nicole Auerbach were both in town this week, so naturally we decided we had to get them in the studio for a special edition of the UM Hoops Podcast. Dave Merritt, Nicole, Zack and I touched on pretty much […]


In part two of our interview with former Michigan captain Zack Novak, we discuss Thursday’s upcoming game against Minnesota and what Novak has seen out of Michigan’s freshmen. Catch up with part one here or read part two below. I get the sense you’ve watched your fair share of Big Ten hoops this year. Have […]


Former Michigan guard and three time captain Zack Novak has linked up with us occasionally throughout the season to discuss life as a basketball player overseas as well as sharing his thoughts on Michigan’s season. In part one of this update, Novak discusses the Netherlands as well as what went wrong for the Wolverines at Ohio […]


Michigan’s captain for the last three seasons, Zack Novak, is the most notable face missing on the 2012-13 Michigan roster but the 6-foot-4 guard landed overseas in Holland playing professional basketball for Zwolle. We caught up with Novak to discuss the upcoming season, the program that he left behind, Mitch McGary and most importantly a […]

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