Ball Screens

Michigan 28, Tulsa 20 Halftime-6
Team 101  

Big Ten’s Best: Ball Screen Guards

Every offseason we like to breakdown a few specialists across the Big Ten whether it is the best pick-and-roll players or the best big men with their back to the basket. Today we start with a closer look at the best ball screen guards returning in the league this year.

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Michigan 61, Purdue 56-28
Team 100  

By the numbers: Ball screens, Derrick Walton, Duncan Robinson and Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman

The uncertainty is gone and Michigan understands the task at hand. Caris LeVert isn’t coming back and the Wolverines need to beat Iowa on Saturday to put themselves in a good position heading into Indianapolis.

Here are four thoughts on what has worked and what hasn’t worked without LeVert in the lineup during the Big Ten season and what it means going forward.

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Michigan 77, N Kentucky 62
Team 100  

Thursday Thoughts: Zone defense, ball screens, timeouts & more

Michigan is 8-3 with three frustrating losses and two solid wins. Here are a few thoughts on what has worked and what hasn’t worked through the first eleven games of the season.

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Michigan 54, Iowa 72-10
Team 100  

Inside the Offense: Shake Ballscreen

John Beilein was voted best offensive coach in the country by his peers in an anonymous poll by CBS Sports. In honor of Beilein’s offense, we enlisted the help of Gibson Pyper of HalfCourtHoops to break down some of Beilein’s most effective sets. Today we look at Michigan’s shake ball screen set.

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Michigan 73, Illinois 55-24
Team 100Team 99  

Offseason Checkup: Ball Screen Offense

The ball screen has become one of our most frequent topics here at UM Hoops. Today we look back at Michigan’s ball screen offense last season and what it means for next year’s group.

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Eastern Michigan 45, Michigan 42-4
AnalysisTeam 99  

A closer look at Michigan’s early struggles

Michigan sits at 6-3 after losing back-to-back home games to mid-majors. Here’s a closer look inside the numbers at what has caused some of the Wolverines’ early struggles this season.

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Team 99  

The evolution of Michigan’s ball screen offense

John Beilein’s famous two-guard offense is still alive and well in Ann Arbor, but it’s been supplemented and upgraded by the pick-and-roll. When Beilein took over in Ann Arbor, he implemented his traditional offense. The […]

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2013-14 Season  

First Look: Transition game, ball screens critical in Michigan-Iowa matchup

Michigan hosts Iowa on Wednesday evening in its second of three  consecutive conference games against top ten opponents. The Hawkeyes travel to Ann Arbor with a top ten ranking for the first time since 2002 […]

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2012-2013 SeasonAnalysis  

Examining the Defense: Ball screens and zone

Michigan’s defense is the primary concern after a frustrating five game stretch. The Wolverines have seen their offensive production hit occasional snags but their defensive performance has plummeted consistently. Most recently, the league’s worst offense, […]

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