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Black Eyes Part II

Last fall I put together a list of the worst games of the 2008-09 season in attempt to damper expectations. This year I put the list together to show off a new development from Ken Pomeroy. Pomeroy released a series of fancy win probability graphs from every division one basketball game last year. The graphs […]


Photo credit: Last year Manny Harris won the team MVP award and shared it with DeShawn Sims. This year the script was flipped, Sims won the award and brought Harris to the podium to share it. Sims was deserving of the MVP in my mind so the decision seems fitting. There aren’t too many […]

The Price of Anarchy is a theory that has been circulating the nerdy basketball circles that yours truly dabbles in. In short it’s a way to explain how a basketball offense can become more efficient when its best (and most used) players take fewer shots. This theory might sound familiar if you have ever heard […]

End of season content will start coming soon around these parts… Sorry for the delay. Michigan’s Harris undecided on plans for next year Nothing new here. Sam Webb recently stated on the radio that if he had to guess he’d handicap Harris’ chances of returning at 65% yes and 35% no. The early entry deadline […]

Even though Michigan isn’t dancing this year, I setup a group over at Yahoo! and it’s open to the public so anyone is welcome to join in the fun. There’s no prize or anything but you can prove yourself as the most knowledgeable basketball fan around. You can join the group here and the ID# […]

BTT Game 2: Michigan vs. Ohio State Post Game

Box score. Michigan battled with Ohio State and continuously fought back despite being  behind by double digits for long stretches of the second half but in the end it wasn’t enough. Manny Harris single handily carried Michigan back into the game but it was all for not after Turner’s 40 foot running jumper as time […]

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