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DeShawn “Peedi” Sims showed signs of improvement from his tragedy filled freshman year and handled to transition to a new coaching staff in stride. DeShawn had his good moments such as starting out the first half of the UCLA game hot and scoring 22 against Ohio State at home. But overall DeShawn just gave us […]

Beilein Instructs Grady

Kelvin Grady was one of the most inconsistent players on the Michigan team this year. Of course this is normal for freshman who are not the Kalin Lucas, Manny Harris and Robbie Hummels of the world. It was still gut wrenching to see Kelvin wow you with his good play against teams like Georgetown, Duke, […]

Anthony Wright Shoots the J

I think Anthony Wright and Ron Coleman were two players who were called “perfect Beilein fits” before the season because of their touted three point shooting. While he didn’t have an outstanding season you have to remember that Anthony came to Michigan as the unheralded recruit that we stole from Woffard. He took a redshirt […]

Thomas McCanna is going to be helping out around the site in various ways and he agreed to write a review of the season. I figured that you have heard what I have to say on the season every game so it would be good to get an outside perspective. After this I am going […]

Not much to say about this one. Didn’t think we would win but didn’t think we would lay an egg light that. 10-50 (20%) shooting is just terrible, not sure how anyone can shoot much worse than that. Not to mention that we made 1 field goal inside the arc in the second half. I […]

I don’t think there are words to describe how ugly that game was. If you didn’t see it on TV consider yourself lucky. I think that a combined 11 minute and 44 second field goal drought says enough. The key for Michigan was that Iowa couldn’t make their free throws either. Cyrus Tate was just […]

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