Michigan offers in-state guard Duane Washington Jr.

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan extended a scholarship offer to in-state guard Duane Washington Jr. today.

Washington is a 6-foot-3 guard from Grand Rapids Christian, ranked 250th nationally per 247 Sports Composite rankings. He averaged 14.9 points per game while shooting 45.8% from three-point range for The Family on the Nike EYBL circuit.

Washington also holds offers from Virginia Tech, Iowa State, SMU, New Mexico and others.

Michigan has outstanding 2018 offers to Ignas Brazdeikis, Hunter Tyson, Noah Locke and Justin Ahrens. Ahrens was also offered this week.

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  • Leslie Hoerwinkle

    What if he accepts?

    • eddieben

      Then we have a sharp shooting guard that can get to the rim and defend.

    • Vandy54

      He won’t, we already have at least 3 sharp shooting guards.

  • Jin

    Thought Duane Washington was transferring out of state to a prep school?

  • Vandy54

    Most likely 2, not 1 guard at 6’3″. Can he shoot spot up? He will garner some looks from west coast schools while out there.

    • Vandy54

      Solid player off the bench at 2 position I presume.

    • bobohle

      Why not the 1? I like taller point guards to see over the top. Jalen Rose was 6ft 8in and he was a great point guard. Darius Morris was 6ft 4in.

      • Vandy54

        I like taller point guards as well, and Jalen was my favorite college guard (especially when he would take it down the middle of the lane with a two-handed flush). However, coach tends to not attract these tall points very often. 1. He does not have a good enough handle. 2. He is not near as talented and athletic as Rose (cmon man), I would not put him in Morris’s class either. 3. He has to beat Simpson, Poole, Brooks, assuming Watson and Rahkman will be sharing minutes at the 2. How about an athletic big MI, I mean BIG?

        • bobohle

          That would be good too. JB would have to adapt though.

          • Vandy54

            That is what the best coaches do.

          • Barth Applefeld

            I love playing GM or College Coach during the offseason as much as anybody and there is nothing objectionable (just to be clear) with any of the comments, they are being used to judge Beilein and his staff (okay but I can have a different opinion) and the young man (okay but more problematic ethically). As an example, Kentucky took Matthews, a five star, and it didn’t work out there. Does that mean he cannot be a good college player? Or a starter? Or an NBA player? NBA star? Of course not, even if it is rare. Think of all the schools that passed on Steph Curry. Thankfully he never listened to the doubters except as motivation. What this Beilein supporter is saying is that Beilein is being judged by many based on unsupport

            exactly how much have any of us seen this young man play? Do we know his parents’ height? According to my email notice, somebody said that this young man would not want to come off the bench, no? Probably not, but
            1. What young player thinks they cannot become a starter–even if only eventually?
            2. Not every young man places that as their first priority in deciding a school (education) in making decisions. If they’re smart, they know that not everyone is a starter because that’s the way it is.
            What you want is somebody who will compete and loves to compete[ Harbaugh]. How can this be measured by us? Very indirectly.

    • Barth Applefeld

      I’m sorry, as others point out, this does not follow. Either he has the skills to play at PG or he doesn’t, and I don’t either way from this. Nor is your reasoning persuasive about him not coming to Michigan. Certainly Michigan is not a lock–and perhaps shouldn’t be–but a lot of factors and emotion go into college decisions. People also grow when they’re young.

      • Vandy54

        I’m sure he will not want to be a bench player, no? Look at the other teams on his list, he would most likely start on all of them, no? Cmpn’ Barth, I would love to have him, but we are offering bench players here when we should be going after difference makers, no?