Ibi Watson sets Michigan record with 44.5″ vertical jump

Dylan Burkhardt

Camp Sanderson is in full in Ann Arbor, MI this summer and sophomore wing Ibi Watson is taking advantage.

Watson played limited minutes as a freshman, but he appears to have been putting in work in the weight room. Michigan strength coach Jon Sanderson posted a picture of Watson touching 12′ 1.5″, implying a 44.5″ vertical leap. The tweet notes Watson’s mark as a Michigan record.

Watson has been somewhat lost in the shuffle when projecting wing minutes next season. Those minutes are available with the graduation of Zak Irvin, but names like Charles Matthews, Duncan Robinson and Jordan Poole have received more buzz among fans and media. Watson only appeared in 19 games last season, averaging 1.3 points and 4.4 minutes per contest, and rarely had the chance to display this sort of raw athleticism.

Here are some other offseason updates and videos from Sanderson in the weight room.

Charles Matthews recorded a 42″ max vertical jump, reaching 12’0.5″.

Sophomore point guard Xavier Simpson also posted an impressive 42″ max vertical leap.

Senior guard Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman recorded the fast 3/4 court sprint among all Michigan players at 3 seconds flat.

  • jblair52

    He could jump up and eat the rim!

  • Chazer

    Sanderson’s land….the place where dreams come true!

    Go Blue…keep Grinding!

  • MaizeAndBlue4Ever

    Man guys, those Jumps look amazing! 12 feet???. Thats unreal! Congrats on the record Ibi! I think we will be so much better this year than predicted. Go Blue!

    • Northern Blue

      We could be, there is just a ton of competition on the roster this year. I am excited to see how the point guard situation pans out.

  • Wayman Britt

    Man those are some unreal verticals. Now to apply that athletic ability to the court. If jumping was everything these guys would get 8 rebounds a game, but as we all know it takes toughness, grit and desire to get rebounds. Let’s hope these verticals aren’t what all these players are known for.

  • Champswest

    Very impressive. Way to work hard you guys.

  • bobohle

    I agree with the guys below. Very impressive. I still believe X’s scoring will be much improved over last year. His defense and passing ability are already there. He will get plenty of playing time even though Simmons is the starter for sure.

  • Kenny

    as we learn from last season, never write off a player too soon. We never know who will break out.

  • Barth Applefeld

    I believe a 44.5 inch vertical leap is chart topping even for a pro and 42 inches is elite. This is what I like about the Michigan program: it helps young players develop beyond what recruiting services predict. If Watson and Simpson have become solid rotational players or more, then next year is looking very promising. I’m rooting for Matthews too in particular. How disappointing and damaging it must be to expect to become a star and then become a small role bench player. How rewarding to become more than that through hard work, determination, and intelligence!

  • Vandy54

    All this being said . . .Take it to the rim boys, don’t settle for those jumpers. Play above the rim and scare some peoples out there!

  • MrLG

    Did X ever dunk in a game? Given his diminutive size, I didn’t think it was an option for him. But with a 42″ vert, wow! It will be electric when he throws it down on a breakaway.

    • No, he did not. All floaters and that little one handed scoop shot for the most part.

    • JJ3ball

      There was a story during NCAA tournament about Walton struggling to dunk in pre game warm ups, Simpson laughing about it, then throwing some down himself.