Scouting Report & Video Breakdown: Moritz Wagner at FIBA U20 European Championship

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • gobluemd16

    Thanks so much for this level of analysis, Dylan. Hopefully the rest of the summer Moe can focus on playing with the college ball and shooting from college 3 :)

  • bobohle

    Thanks again Dylan for your great insight and hard work. I assume Mo will be back in A2 around Aug 1?

  • Barth Applefeld

    Very interesting! Mo has potential, but I didn’t realize that I probably remembered his 1 fabulous assist and all the times he did nothing with the ball Asking such a big man to be an assist magnet is asking a lot when he can just score. Magic and LeBron and Bird territory.

    • I don’t know about Magic, LeBron and Bird… how about Ethan Happ.

      • scipiodreams80

        I am sad that Ethan Happ is back for more, although it’s probably good for the Big Ten. Will be interesting to see how his team’s guard play stacks up to last year, but I expect him to be a handful and that he will have addressed his struggles out of the double team.

      • Barth Applefeld

        Personally, I would be happy with him being Kevin McHale (who never passed out of the post that I remembered) with an outside shot plus hit cutters, did a little pick and roll, and dribbled very little to the basket. His skill set is almost too big for him at the moment, but if he could drive and dish, hit cutters, etc., for 3-4 assists a game, then he would be a very special player indeed. I’m hoping for that but not expecting it.

  • iBleedBlue

    This is the kind of analytical, film-dissecting piece that college basketball sorely needs more of. Really, really awesome

  • scipiodreams80

    At least in the games I watched, I found the guards ball-hoggy. Not only were they the weakness of that team, they played like they thought it was the opposite. I liked Jallow, for sure, and his big dark haired teammate seemed like a good teammate who played team ball.