Jeff Meyer leaving Michigan to join LaVall Jordan at Butler

Dylan Burkhardt

Long time Michigan assistant coach Jeff Meyer is headed to Butler.

Meyer, who was at Michigan for the last nine seasons, will return to Butler to coach alongside Jordan as the two coached together at Michigan for six seasons under John Beilein.

“Jeff Meyer has been a huge part of our success in the nine years he has been with us,” John Beilein said in a statement released on Wednesday. “It is not a coincidence that we won three Big Ten championships and went to seven NCAA Tournaments during that span. He and his wife, Karen, will be missed but not forgotten. We thank them for their dedication and hard work, and wish the Meyer family much success at Butler and beyond.”

“The stars really aligned on this opportunity,” Meyer said in a statement on the Butler official website. “LaVall is a trusted friend and a gifted basketball coach. I have great memories of our time at Butler and have continued to cheer for this program from afar. Personally, getting back to central Indiana also brings my wife and I closer to much of our family, and that was very important to us. I have tremendous energy and great passion to help LaVall put his stamp on Butler Basketball.”

Michigan hired Billy Donlon and Saddi Washington last summer after LaVall Jordan and Bacari Alexander moved onto head coaching jobs and now will be in the market for an assistant coach once again this year.

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  • Kenny

    Does Butler pay their assistant more than Michigan? Puzzling move

    • Nick

      Jordan is more likely to leave Butler than Beilein is to leave UM, has a chance for much more upward mobility

      • MAZS

        At 62, Meyer’s head coaching opportunities have passed–as he undoubtedly knows–so he made a reasonable lifestyle choice.

    • duffy

      To quote from the story above:

      “Personally, getting back to central Indiana also brings my wife and I closer to much of our family, and that was very important to us.”

      He’s 62, probably figures the head coach boat has sailed and this gets him closer to his family.It’s not always about getting more money.

      • rlcBlue

        My impression is that one of Meyer’s big responsibilities at Michigan has been recruiting Indiana kids. If he does the same for Butler while living near Indianapolis rather than Ann Arbor, he’ll get to sleep at home more often. And LaVall may be offering him more responsibilities than he’ll get at Michigan – after all, if Donlon is the “defensive coordinator” and Beilein is the offensive genius, what does that leave for Meyer – special teams?

        • bobohle

          Good point! He used to help out with the bigs I believe, but last year I think Saddi Washington assumed that responsibility.

  • bobohle

    Dylan, any rumors out there as to who will be coming to replace Jeff. I’m sure this didn’t just happen today even though it was announced today.

  • Wayman Britt

    Congratulations to Coach Meyer. I think this is a win win for both programs. Meyer gets back to Indiana, Butler gets a good recruiter for the state and I think UM will have a chance to get another young hungry coach who wants to make a name for themselves. Donlon may stay a little longer because he may get some of Meyers responsibilities.