Michigan to play at North Carolina in Big Ten-ACC Challenge

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan will travel to North Carolina for the Big Ten-ACC Challenge this year.

North Carolina went 33-7 last year, won the ACC regular season title and beat Gonzaga to win the National Championship. The Tar Heels lost several key contributors from last year’s roster — Justin Jackson, Isaiah Hicks, Kennedry Meeks, Nate Britt and Tony Bradley — but return their starting guards, seniors Joel Berry and Theo Pinson. North Carolina also added Pittsburgh graduate transfer Cam Johnson and has a top-20 recruiting class led by four-stars Jalek Felton and Garrison Brooks.

Most preseason prognostications have the defending champs pegged as a top-15 team heading into 2017-18.

The Wolverines will also play in the Maui Invitational, host UCLA, and play games at Texas and Detroit (Little Caesars Arena). Find a full rundown of future scheduled dates on our future schedules page.

Adding to a busy December calendar, Big Ten teams are also expected to play two conference games in early December during the weekend of the Big Ten Football Championship game.

Here’s the full listing of Big Ten-ACC Challenge matchups as reported by ESPN.

Northwestern at Georgia Tech
Duke at Indiana
Notre Dame at Michigan State
Miami at Minnesota
Penn State at NC State
Boston College at Nebraska
Michigan at North Carolina
Clemson at Ohio State
Louisville at Purdue
Florida State at Rutgers
Maryland at Syracuse
Wisconsin at Virginia
Iowa at Virginia Tech
Illinois at Wake Forest


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  • Tony DeMaria

    Definitely a lot of chances for some resume building wins. I think the general consensus is that UM is a likely tourney team coming into the season but you never know after losing Walton and Irvin so I’m glad they will get the opportunity to play some quality teams,although winning at UNC is a difficult task.

    • Barth Applefeld

      Right on!

    • ChathaM

      I like the non-con schedule. Games at Texas and UNC, at home vs. UCLA, plus Maui gives us 5 or 6 games against higher major teams. I’d love it if there were one more high major game in there, but given the player attrition and the likelihood of a couple of B1G games being played in December, we’re already at the right number.

    • James Anastasia

      Winning at Chapel Hill will be nearly impossible for the Michigan! !

  • bobohle

    Maybe UNC will be under sanctions by then,after all the NCAA’s Investigation of academic fraud in UNC’s Athletic Dept has been going on for four years now? They claim they have lots of evidence. Since the Michigan problems with boosters during the 90s a lot of us are kind of bitter how the NCAA has handled investigations of other programs since and their slap on the wrist results.

    • James Anastasia

      Dude get a life! Obviously there must not be too much there to drop the hammer on..So STFU!!And have a nice day!

      • tom48160

        Even if I were to agree that there isn’t much smoke and less fire there, the NCAA has treated UNC like nothing wrong took place. The Tar Heels haven’t even received their slap on the wrist yet. #stillsalty

        • Barth Applefeld

          Respectfully, I disagree. We have to wait to see what the NCAA decides. UNC is arguing that this was an “academic” issue; that is, a bad instructor who didn’t uphold academic standards and unrelated to sports except that NC athletes took the course as did thousands of others. Even some life long Tar Heels consider this argument bogus, but we will see.

        • James Anastasia

          Tom don’t waste your time worrying about things that don’t matter! !Worry about that crook thats in the Whitehouse selling us out to the communist! !Tarheel Basketball will be seeing you real soon! !

      • bobohle

        Don’t tell me to get a life sir. This is my opinion. I’ve been True Blue since 1964. This is the first time I’ve seen your name on this site and I’ve been on it a long time!

        • James Anastasia

          I can’t tell that your “true blue” sir!!If your hoping that the program be saction by the NCAA. .I haven’t been a fan of the program as long as you, but I stand behind them 100%!

          • rlcBlue

            I suspect you two may not agree on shades of blue…

          • James Anastasia

            There’s only one blue that matters in this conversation dude!!Carolina Blue!!!And if you didn’t know. .2017 National Champions! !!Talk to me!

          • bobohle

            No way am I Carolina Blue. Michigan Go Blue True Blue all the way. By the way this is the U of M Hoops site in case you are a little confused.

          • James Anastasia

            Oh excuse me than!!True Blue is a Tarheel saying. .didn’t know there were copycats out there!!Michigan basketball been dead (seems like) FOREVER! !LOL..Are you a alumni? Or just a fan?Stay with football, because no one going to raise that dead program! !Good luck!

  • JVS

    Safe to presume the game is 11/27 or 11/28?

    • I believe all of the challenge games are on the 27th, 28th or 29th. Times and TV won’t be out til later.

  • Cory

    I’m 100% attending this game.

    • Barth Applefeld

      Not to put a damper on this, but we live near Chapel Hill, and it’s like Michigan football was and is becoming again: tickets to NC home basketball games can’t be bought for any amount of money. Good luck though!

  • Stephen Chang

    This will be a challenging non conference schedule for Michigan! But, they hopefully will be ready for it!