Video: John Beilein talks roster, NBA decisions

Orion Sang

John Beilein met with the media in Ann Arbor this afternoon to discuss Moritz Wagner and DJ Wilson’s NBA decisions as well as the Wolverine roster for next season. Here’s video from Beilein’s availability.

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  • Fab 5 Legends

    ESPN did a write up on Michigan after DJ Wilson to NBA…Michigan success wil definitely be riding on who steps up out of Teske, Davis or Livers…Simmons/Matthews are expected to contribute right away

    • I would put Duncan Robinson’s development way ahead of Teske, Davis and Livers in terms of importance.

      • bobohle

        I agree about Duncan. If he can move around better to get open shots instead of standing in a spot would be huge. His defense was already improving immensely the last month of the season from where it was at the beginning.

        • Fab 5 Legends

          Exactly, if he can improve on Defense, then he will be our 4 back to traditional Beilein system…DJ Wilson hybrid was very unique, because of his size…Glen Robinson athleticism was big…Duncan is our best shooter

      • Fab 5 Legends

        True, I just hope defensively he can improve, he will be on matchup problem on offense

      • Barth Applefeld

        I think that depends on Robinson’s ability to improve his defense. He’s doing so , but he’s so limited athletically at the moment that I don”t see him ever becoming even adequate defensively and rrebounding vs. top teams. Hope I’m wrong, of course. That means if he plays, good defense, rebounding, and rim protection becomes more vital at center unless Duncan drops 30 a night and the whole team averages 1.25 points/possession. Even then . . . it’s a flawed team we’ve seen before. Hence, the centers mentioned whose development is needed anyway. The reason for LIvers is obvious, but it’s a lot to expect from a freshman. More likely Livers takes step forward and Matthews slides to 4 pr a servicable transfer appears