Recruiting Roundup: Evaluating Michigan’s late options

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan’s late recruiting board seems to grow by the day. The Wolverines are looking at late blooming seniors, graduate transfers and the best available remaining prospect in the country.

To summarize the situation, we’ve put together this scouting report of the various options on the table and what they would bring to the Wolverines, complete with video and an update on the latest situation.

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  • bobohle

    I don”t see why Allen leaving Texas early for the NBA should give the Longhorns an advantage. I think Bamba knows he will get his minutes and development needed from the Michigan staff to get to his goal of the NBA. We all would be proud to have Mo Bamba in a Michigan Jump Man uni and see him block Bridges at the rim trying to dunk on him.

    • John Billington

      What do you think the chances are of Bamba going to Michigan?

      • bobohle

        From what so called recruiting experts say,it would not be good. However Bamba has been very adept at trying not to tip his hand. I just hope he doesn’t have influences like the dads of the Lawson brothers who just transferred to Kansas from Memphis or Mr. Ball trying influence coaching at UCLA or Mr. Battle who convinced his son Tyus to decommit from Michigan. I will still have hopes until Bamba says otherwise.

    • Steve2081

      If we can only have one I’d rather have Simmons than Bamba.

      • bobohle

        I respect your opinion. I do not agree.

      • nswan

        Is this presuming that we get Wagner and Wilson back? Combo of the two? If we lose one of them, I 100% want Bamba. If we dont lose either, I at least see that Simmons fills more of position of need.

        • Steve2081

          Yeah, that was in the case that both come back. If one of the two stays in the draft I’d certainly love to get Simmons and Bamba.