Moritz Wagner declares for NBA Draft without an agent

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan big man Moritz Wagner will enter his name in the NBA Draft, but will not hire an agent.

He announced the news on his Twitter account this afternoon.

Because of his decision to not hire an agent, Wagner will have until May 24th to decide whether to remain in the NBA Draft or return to school. The NBA Draft combine runs from May 9th through 14th and Wilson will be able to participate in other workouts with NBA teams as well.

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  • Kenny Ye

    Moe and DJ should’ve sent out a joint announcement, to save Dylan some trouble.

  • Fab 5 Legends

    Would be nice to have them both next year but ill take 1…keeping both would m us top 25 team, losing both would mean a rebuilding year imo…keeping 1 would be fantastic too

  • Lanknows

    Moreso than others, it would seem that Wagner has a 3rd option – to play professionally in Europe. Any sense for how Wagner feels about that or is it NBA or bust?

    • I don’t think going to play in Europe would get Moe any closer to his ultimate goal of playing in the NBA, so it doesn’t really make sense (to me) at this juncture.

      • Mark Worthley

        These decisions are going to wait until end of May then, or is there any chance we’ll know sooner?

      • Lanknows

        I think the argument would be that it’s a higher level of competition with more practice/playing time available. (i.e., a better opportunity to develop towards the NBA).

        That said, I’m inclined to agree the NCAA may be a better place for Wagner since a) it’s not like Wagner was consistently dominating at the NCAA level anyway. If he’s getting bullied at times in the NCAA you can imagine what would happen to him in Europe. and b) I imagine the NCAA still has a visibility advantage over Europe for most NBA front offices.

        The more interesting decision for Wagner would be next season, after he has had (presumably) more success and production in Michigan. At that point he may be closer to being maxed out developmentally at the NCAA level. If the NBA is still not seeing him as a first rounder he may at that point look more seriously at Europe.

        I think there’s a stronger case for Wagner to return to Michigan than Wilson.

  • Indiana_Matt

    I think they’re both back and we have a special year next year. But wish them well in whatever they choose.

  • BlueMaze

    Love Wilson and Wagner game but they need 1 more year. The way Jordan Bell did them both in the the Sweet 16 is proof enough. There is over a hundred Jordan Bells in the League. #totimid

  • Wayman Britt

    Like has been discussed, the timing of all these moving parts is going to be difficult for UM. Let’s say both Wagner and Wilson come back, then either Alstork and Daniels get another offer from a good program and come to Beilein and say give me an offer right now and I will come to UM. But, they want to make their decision immediately. All while Bamba is still deciding. Does Beilein get Alstork/Daniels and pass on Bamba?

    I just hope UM is not left bare and does not get at least one between Bamba, Alstork, Daniels or Johnson. I don’t want another Battle/Langford like situation where UM has to settle after missing out on good recruits.

    • rlcBlue

      Alstork is a good insurance policy, since he’s almost certainly putting his name in the draft, too; presumably he won’t have committed to another school by the time Wilson and Wagner have finalized their decisions. Don’t know if Daniels et. al. will wait until late May to accept an offer, though, and it’s anyone’s guess when Bamba will pick a school.

      • bobohle

        I agree with both you and Waymen on this.Its just a catch 22 situation all the way around. Darned if you do and darned if you don’t.