Ball screen ability key when analyzing late roster moves

Dylan Burkhardt

Nothing is more fluid than a college basketball roster in April.

As things stand today, John Beilein has one open scholarship to work with. In two weeks, he could have three.

Michigan big men DJ Wilson (projected in the first round by Sports Illustrated) and Moritz Wagner (projected in the first round by ESPN) both have NBA Draft decisions to make and five-star prospect Mo Bamba plans on taking his time to make his college decision. If those three decisions play out leave, leave, and some school other than Michigan then the Wolverine head coach has a real problem on his hands.

Beilein has to build his roster for next year without knowing definitively what will happen with three of his 13 available scholarships until at least May 24th (the deadline to withdraw from the NBA Draft).

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  • bobohle

    Great info as usual. It will be interesting to see if John Beilein pursues a grad transfer. He’s stated in the past that he doesn’t really like going that route or pursuing juco players. I’m glad Johnny Orr back in the 70s didn’t feel that way or Michigan wouldn’t have gotten Rickey Greene. All us older guys remember the player he was.

  • A2MIKE

    I don’t get why everyone is sure that DJ is going pro. Is he saying that behind the scenes? To me, I think DJ would benefit from being the focal point of the offense. I could see him being the facilitator on a lot of these pick n rolls and I think that will be his most beneficial attribute at the next level. As it stands now, DJ really only has value as a stretch 4, which eliminates a good chunk of teams that would be in position to draft him. I think he can play the 3 and the 4 at the next level, and next year would be a great opportunity to showcase that talent and possibly land in the lottery of the 18 draft.

  • Barth Applefeld

    Players have until April 23 to declare, test the waters, and undeclare without losing eligibility as is only fair. These early draft projections are very fluid and almost meaningless for those in the second half of the draft because not everybody has declared and projections are easy. Finding a team to pay you a lot harder. I think both could elevate their games substantially next year, but it’s there choice and I’d be thinking about who is going to get me the ball where I need it.