Recruiting Roundup: Jordan Poole wins DICK’s Nationals

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan commitment Jordan Poole wrapped up his high school career with a trophy. The 6-foot-4 shooting guard helped La Lumiere win the Dick’s High School National Championship over the weekend.

La Lumiere knocked off Wasatch (UT), Findlay Prep (NV) and Montverde (FL) in three-straight days to win the National Championship after coming up short in the finals a year ago. Poole had 10 points against Wasatch, 9 points against Findley and 13 points, 4 rebounds and two steals against Montverde.

“Everything we have been through, this is a long season, eight months and not doing the regular things that kids get to do, spending so much time with each other, this is the cherry on top,” Poole told ESPN after the victory. “Coming right at the beginning of the game, I knew it was in our direction. Having a talented group of guys like this, we knew everything was going to click. Having everybody being on my back and having the confidence to shoot the shot, I thought it was going to go in as it came off my hands.”

For more on Jordan Poole, Jerome Hunter, Mo Bamba and several new class of 2017 and 2018 targets, read the rest of this post on Patreon.

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  • geoffclarke

    Dylan, thanks for the article. I posted this on the forum, but shouldn’t Michigan be recruiting a “5” for 2018? Do you expect we’ll start to hear names of big men they’re recruiting for that class? It looks like they have a connection to the 2019 center from Clarkston (name escapes me). It’s very possible Wagner will be in NBA and we would then just have Davis and Teske. (Also, no big deal clicking over to finish the article, IMO.)

    • LetsGoBlue

      A very reliable source has said that Michigan will offer Taylor Currie (Clarkston) on the first day they can offer. The interest is very mutual but not a lock yet.

      • bobohle

        I believe his high school coach may be former Michigan captain Dan Fife.

        • eddieben

          Didn’t Dane go to IU and Dugan to UM?

          • rlcBlue

            Dan is Dugan and Dane’s father.

          • bobohle

            Yep! And their Dad Dan went to Michigan also

    • bobohle

      Don’t forget about Mo Bamba may be coming.

      • geoffclarke

        Can’t count on him for 2017, let alone 2018-19.

        • bobohle

          So you are just going to give up before his decision is made.

          • The point is that either way, he shouldn’t have an influence on 2018 recruiting decisions because he’s planning to be 1 and done.

          • bobohle

            Ok. I misread.

          • Steve2081

            I am. He’s not coming here.

  • bobohle

    Had no problem clicking to patreon.

  • Chillax

    Dylan – will you ever do a write up on high school leagues? I have no comprehension of which leagues are good or what the overall highscool landscape looks like. Sounds like some people know which leagues are better than others and kids transfer high schools accordingly.

    • Sure, do you mean like states/conferences? Or the grassroots/summer leagues like EYBL, Adidas Uprising, UAA Association, Hoop Group, etc?

      • Chillax

        I guess something real high hover to explain it all first. I’m sure the states and conferences varies year to year, but it sounds like the summer leagues tends to be where good players get grouped together. I always feel clueless reading about how well they do in high school having no real perspective on the talent pool they are playing with.