2016-17 All-Big Ten teams announced; Derrick Walton earns second team honors

Dylan Burkhardt

The 2016-17 All-Big Ten teams were announced on Monday evening and Michigan senior point guard Derrick Walton was named to the conference’s second team.

Walton, a four year starter for the Wolverines, averaged¬†16.1 points, 4.7 rebounds 4.9 assists per game while shooting 42.6% from three-point range.¬†He reached double figures in 14 of Michigan’s final 15 Big Ten games and helped the Wolverines close the season with six wins in their final eight games.

Michigan sophomore Moritz Wagner earned Big Ten honorable mention from the coaches and Wagner and Irvin earned honorable mention from the media.

Wisconsin’s Ethan Happ, Iowa’s Peter Jok, Minnesota’s Nate Mason, Purdue’s Caleb Swanigan and Maryland’s Melo Trimble were named to the All-Big Ten First Team.

Walton was named to the All-Big Ten Second team by the coaches and media along with Miles Bridges, Malcolm Hill, Bryant McIntosh, Bronson Koenig (coaches) and Tai Webster (media).

Here are the full All-Big Ten teams according to the coaches and media.

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  • Chace

    You said derrick was second team? The second team you have posted his name isn’t On it?

    • Sorry that was confusing. Those guys in addition to Derrick. Koenig (coaches) and Webster (media) were split.

  • ZRL

    Too bad. I hope the bracket sets up so that we get to play Minnesota or Maryland at some point because this seems like the type of thing Derrick would use as motivation to dominate a rematch va Mason or Trimble.

  • A2MIKE

    I hope that Derrick takes this insult and uses it as motivation.

  • MGoBlueAdam

    Do you have the conference stats? I can only find overall stats.

    I want to see Walton compared to Mason and Trimble.

    • rlcBlue

      Here you go – hope this is readable. The integers beneath the stats are their conference ranks in the particular stat:

      Player %Min ORtg %Poss %Shots eFG% TS% OR% DR% ARate TORate Blk% Stl% FC/40 FD/40 FTRate FTM-FTA Pct 2PM-2PA Pct 3PM-2PA Pct
      Trimble 80.4 102.0 29.0 29.2 47.9 52.4 1.0 12.0 27.5 18.7 0.5 1.7 1.9 5.0 33.5 61-80 .762 68-141 .482 31-98 .316
      14 5 5 5 6 17 25 15
      Mason 83.5 105.8 27.4 29.2 42.2 48.9 2.2 9.2 29.6 10.8 0.5 2.4 2.0 5.0 35.9 81-97 .835 75-193 .389 26-77 .338
      10 10 3 3 6 11 9 16 21 4
      Walton 86.7 125.8 24.5 22.4 56.6 62.2 1.9 17.9 27.3 12.6 0.0 2.3 2.2 5.0 47.9 75-91 .824 43-89 .483 43-101 .426
      5 3 19 13 6 11 6 16 15 15 18 6 6 8

  • Timothy David


  • Champswest

    Not the way I would have voted.

  • bobohle

    Would like to know how close the vote was between Walton ,Trimble, and Mason.We all ready know Beilein,Miles and Painter voted for Derrick. You can probably count Izzo,Crean,Gard,Petino,Collins,Chambers and Tugeon did not. IMO:

  • bobohle

    Also imo Trimble getting unanimous vote is not deserved.He was voted in for past performance the previous two years. Vote should also take into consideration where their team would be without them.

  • ChipperFliet

    How is MSU Nick Ward not on the all freshman team? Not a Spartan fan, just wondering.

    • Cook over Ward is ridiculous.

    • GTFOmycourt

      Coaches probably don’t like Ward because he is one of the biggest cheaters/ floppers in cbb.

  • A2MIKE

    This thing really is a crock of $#!%. I am not a Purdue fan by any stretch, but Vince Edwards getting left off all 3 teams by the coaches? His efficiency rating was 4th best in the league and he is a plus defender. I wonder how many of these coaches look at advanced statistics. This thing wreaks of politics.

    • gobluemd16

      To me, it wreaks of incompetence. I bet coaches ask some Grad Assistant, who just looks at pts, rebs, ast, to fill it out and then runs it by the head coaches. The results are a sham.