2017 Big Ten Tournament bracket finalized

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan will open the 2017 Big Ten Tournament against Illinois on Thursday at 12:00 p.m. on BTN.

Here’s the final Big Ten Tournament bracket. 

  • gobluemd16

    Got my tickets for Friday. Thursday is gunna be a dead environment — lower bowl tix for $6. Gotta beat a desperate ILL team

    • Indiana_Matt

      They could be desperate or deflated. Hoping for the latter.

      • rlcBlue

        I’d wish for defeated and defunct.

        • A2MIKE

          Nah, they will play hard. Groce’s job is on the line and he has a bunch of seniors. It will be a tough game.

  • Indiana_Matt

    Of course hoping we win the thing. This year more than ever. But for an honest guess I am going to predict Maryland 81 to Michigan 77 in the Championship game.

    • BlueMaze

      Maryland went 4-5 in its last nine gms…Definitely not making title gm O.o

      • Indiana_Matt

        Home team. Their the closest campus. Could play a part.

  • Joel_C

    Seems like we are always in the Thursday Noon game to start ha. Last year it worked out pretty well!