Video: Michigan players react to loss at Northwestern

Andrew Kahn

Michigan lost on a fullcourt pass and layup at the buzzer on Wednesday afternoon in Evanston, here’s what the Wolverines had to say after another close road loss.

  • AAtoLA

    DWalt looks shook in that interview. Hope he can shake it off quick. He’s our most important piece.

    You played a killer game DWalt! Shake it off baby! We’re not even back in the game without you. Learn from our mistakes and become better from them. Onward and upward!

  • Matthew McDonnell

    Great effort, but no results. Basically the story of every conference road game this year outside of Illinois. Need to win on Sunday to stay off the bubble.

    • BrettGB

      We’re pretty much in at this point, I think. We’d have to really really blow it not to make it I think. They’re not gonna hold a last second shot on the road against us. Plus, there’s still the Big Ten T.

  • BrettGB

    This team is scary good right now.