Video: Matt Painter recaps loss at Michigan

Andrew Kahn

Purdue head coach Matt Painter had plenty of praise for Michigan point guard Derrick Walton after the Wolverines beat Purdue on Saturday afternoon.

  • bobohle

    Kudos to Painter for actually giving Michigan credit. Something Izzo and Crean will not do when we win.

    • Coltrane

      I was thinking the same thing. He seems like a good guy. In the pre-game radio interview he talked about how he’s tried to improve Purdue’s perimeter offense after watching Michigan’s over the years.

  • rlcBlue

    Interesting to hear him (gently) schooling the press on the consequences of choosing to switch on screens, pointing out that it will eventually lead to size mismatches that the offense can exploit.

    That’s one thing that’s missing from Wagner’s and Wilson’s games – recognizing that a smaller man has switched on to them, diving to the post, calling for the ball, and converting. The offense will be scary good once they add that piece.