Video: John Beilein talks loss at Minnesota

Dylan Burkhardt

John Beilein wouldn’t comment directly on officiating, but was obviously peeved after the Wolverines allowed 41 free throw attempts in their loss at Minnesota.

  • 72blue

    officiating very inconsistent both ways, but it hurt us much more. Nice job of hanging in there when no one really had it going and a lot was going wrong.

  • tom48160

    You can just see Coach seething still. Props to the man for keeping it as classy as he could under the circumstances. I hope we get to see the footage eventually of what caused the technical foul.

    • Saddi jumped up onto the court (from below) and seemed to stomp his foot (heard that part).

  • Harry Huntoon

    The officiating hurt them but they lost this one by not rebounding the damn ball.

    • tom48160

      They are not a superior rebounding team, so it’s tough to expect them to do something they are consistently not great at. They *are* a superior free throw shooting team, so to me it’s more frustrating that they didn’t cash in on those.

  • Champswest

    I remember 3 or 4 UM fouls where they showed the replay and the announcers said “I don’t see a foul.” I don’t expect the officials to be perfect, but they had a lot of misses last night. It is even more amazing when it happens to a team that doesn’t foul much.

  • bobohle

    If they would of made one more free throw in the last few minutes of regulation DJ’s three would have been the winner. 50% on free throws is what lost it.