Game 27: Michigan at Minnesota Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan and Minnesota are set for a 7:00 p.m. tip-off on BTN tonight. Read our game preview then join the discussion in our open thread below.

  • Coltrane

    Free throws of all things. The phantom foul on Robinson clean block and tech didn’t help.

    • tom48160

      I still wanna see footage of the assistant coach that jumped up on the floor and earned the (supposed) tech

  • Jordan23

    28-41 from the line. Must be nice to have home cooking…we sure as heck don’t get it.

  • gobluemd16

    Can you ever remember a Michigan opponent shooting 30 FT, much less 41 FT? Cause it hasnt happened

    • tom48160

      The flopping helped. That was amazing.

  • Chace

    Free throws really hurt, us clawed back in it…just couldn’t stay poised and keep our composure

  • Jdubb40

    Thanks Tedd and your boys for giving the Gophers over 30 ft

  • Rich74

    Along with missing our free throws and getting jobbed by the refs, I’m really pissed that Irvin took his last two shots and didn’t go strong to get the rebound. Feel good about the effort we showed tho.

    • MLaw

      That’s a fair take. Opportunities were missed, some were taken, but the effort was encouraging.

  • bebopson

    They should have told MAAR to go to work. He had it going on and they didn’t dial him up. Irvin and Walton the odd couple tonight. 10-28 from the field combined.

    • Jdubb40

      Walton did bring us back to go to overtime

  • Chace

    For sure thought we were winning after that DJ 3

    • MLaw

      We got too juiced up, to their credit they controlled their emotions. I’m not surprised. That should have been the game winner though with better FTs.

      • tom48160

        I thought Walton was way too jacked up tonight. Like Irvin playing the Hoosiers-level jacked.