Video: Eli Brooks highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Class of 2017 Michigan signee Eli Brooks has been stuffing the stat sheet during his senior year at Spring Grove. Here’s a look at the 6-foot guard in action from several early-season games.

Brooks is averaging 30 points, 13 rebounds and 4 assists per game this season.

  • gobluemd16

    Man, the competition he is playing against is so bad. Nonetheless, his shooting ability looks elite.

    • A2MIKE

      Agreed. Don’t see much PnR action either. Lots of shots and layups against a short team. mattD or Dylan, what do you think is the ceiling/floor for Brooks?

  • MrLG

    Damn, he dunks rather easily, he’s an athlete!

    I remember people complaining about the videos showing Austin Davis playing against some weak teams. Actually, the Austin Daves opponents look like the Phoenix Suns compared to the teams that Eli Brooks was playing against. Are we sure those weren’t middle schoolers??

    Still, I am very impressed by the shooting and jumping. Hope he’s got some court sense and can pass.

    • Wayman Britt

      Very worried about the competition he is playing against. I sure hope he plays on a good AAU team that plays against other players who at least will play college ball regardless of the division. Does anybody know how he does against AAU competition?

      • He played very well at several Hoop Group events and some other non shoe events on the East coast. That’s when Michigan, Villanova, etc. got involved.

        Those events aren’t as impressive as EYBL or other shoe circuits, but they are far better than what he plays in HS. An EYBL team might have all D1 kids whereas HG has a lot of smaller school types with some D1s in the event.

  • ChathaM

    Beilein must just shake his head when he goes to high school games and sees so many one or zero pass possessions.

  • Eagle hoops

    Shooting (not dunks) ability reminds me of 2008 MI mr basketball Brad Redford (Xavier) in hs

  • A2JD

    Did he grow or are all the other PG’s in that league 5’10” and under?

    Either way, he looks more athletic than I recall from previous videos.

  • Chris Young

    Why does Michigan not recruit Austin or San Antonio Texas lot ms of good players there.

  • Mattski

    The junior high competition and pentatonic music, repeated over and over, induced a weirdly hypnotic effect. Did anyone else suffer this?