Game 12: Maryland Eastern Shore at Michigan Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan and Maryland Eastern Shore are set for a 3:00 p.m. tip-off at the Crisler Center this afternoon. Join the discussion in our open thread below.

  • bobohle

    Again focus and intensity beginning to end. Go Blue! I take we don’t have any problems with academics going into next term?

  • Duncan Robinson back in the starting lineup. Abdur-Rahkman to the bench.

    • Chris De Sana

      Like it

    • Chris De Sana

      But not for long

  • MAAR checks in for Duncan Robinson after Robinson gives up an offensive rebound on first possession.

  • Not a lot to complain about early… Michigan out to a big lead and look pretty sharp.

  • DJ Wilson just dunked all over Bakari Copeland. Wolverines up 15-2 at the under 16.

  • bobohle

    Definitely focus out of the gate.

  • Champswest

    Great start. Need to keep the pedal to the medal the whole game.

  • Champswest

    Walton has his shot back.

  • bobohle

    Robinson gets caught in a trap just when he gets back in.

  • Well we figured how to get Teske some burn… two quickies on Donnal.

  • Two fouls on Moe Wagner and Mark Donnal with 11:06 to play in the first half. Big chance for Jon Teske here.

  • Nice shift by X there.. A couple nice passes, pair of steals, got on the board scoring.

  • bobohle

    Tremendous ball movement today.

  • Michigan going small ball now with DJ Wilson at the five. (Donnal, Wagner on the bench with 2 fouls). This one is getting out of hand.. U-M up 35-13.

  • Buckets12

    This team is having fun!!!!

  • Mattski

    Walton looking like a point guard out there today.

  • MES gives up *a lot* of assisted buckets (66.7% of made field goals). That shows, but Michigan’s ball movement has been great today.

  • Cory

    Good to see Duncan shooting with confidence again.

  • Champswest

    Walton and Robinson are a combined 5 for 6 from three. Shooting is back on track.

  • Michigan is scoring 1.7 PPP and has a 100 eFG% at the under 4.

  • bobohle

    Like I said yesterday. A perfect time for Walton to get rolling coming into conf. play around the corner.

  • bobohle

    What’s the M record for assists?

  • Big time come back win for Purdue vs. Notre Dame in Indy…

    • bobohle

      OSU playing UCLA tough down 40-37 @ half.

  • Everyone getting in on the action.. Moe Wagner with the McGary-style steal and dunk run out.

  • Champswest

    Rahk with 7 assist may equal his season total this game.

  • Michigan started the game 8-of-10 from three.. 0-of-6 since, but offense has started getting it done inside the arc.

  • Champswest

    OSU down 13 at the 14:00 mark.

  • The fast break dunk might be Zak Irvin’s least efficient shot.

    • Champswest

      He seems to have lost some bounce.

    • nswan

      What is that count for the year? Six?

  • Champswest

    Need to see something good from Ibi in this game.

  • Chace

    Irvin’s missed 4 breakaway dunks this year seems to have lost his bounce

    • bobohle

      He seems to get up for rebounds. Maybe becoming mental like John Lester throwing to first base.

    • I feel like this has always kind of been a problem for him.

  • Champswest

    Robinson has become a much better passer this year.

    • I feel like he’s always had pretty good vision, but he needs to do a better job of making crisp passes all of the time. Sometimes can be a bit too lackadaisical.

  • Fred Wright Jones for three. His first points of the season.

    • Ethan

      I loved the way the bench lost it when he made the shot. Some good guys on the team.

  • bobohle

    I really like the way we are running in transition instead of just jogging.