Video: Buzz Williams talks win at Michigan


Virginia Tech head coach Buzz Williams was pleased with how hard his team played down the stretch as the Hokies stole a win in Ann Arbor on Wednesday night.

  • Wayman Britt

    Boy his team has been traveling, tired, playing a lot of games back to back and in a hostile environment and still were tough and played hard, what a concept.

    • His team also blew a game just like this last week.

      • AAtoLA

        Dylan–I’m curious your thoughts on DW. Leading up to the start of the season, coach praised DW in his growth finishing at the rim and also hunting for shots. DW demonstrated that growth in NYC a couple weeks ago. But against SC and VT he just looks passive and like he’s just sleep walking. He missed a point blank lefty layup tonight. I don’t see him aggressively hunting shots like coach says. When DW does, Michigan adds another dimension to their offense and plays well typically. What do you think Dylan? What’s up?