Video: John Beilein previews 2016-17 season at Media Day

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan head coach John Beilein met with the media to kick off the 2017-17 season this afternoon. Beilein discussed his incoming freshmen, the team’s toughness and health along with the new assistant coaching hires.

Watch Beilein’s full press conference in the embedded video player above.

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  • Mattski

    Some fascinating stuff going on there; suggests he should have given his assistants more lattitude/teaching time in the past, that Donlon is going to be more or less completely taking over the D, and that it may be a delicate matter not to overwhelm the kids on both ends. Maybe a good year to institute, since there’s some veteran familiarity with his offense already. Will be interesting to see. Definitely suggests that the new emphasis on D will not just be a matter of lip service.

  • Wayman Britt

    Kudos to Coach Beilien he sure is willing to change. I look forward to see how Donlon’s influence on defense can improve the team. Brendan had a great question about toughness and can the players improve in that area. If both mental and physical toughness don’t increase from the last two years, than 7th or 8th place might be about right. Increase toughness and increase finish in standings.

  • gobluemd16

    Beilein’s comments about Mark at the 10:45 mark were a little concerning. Sounds like he may not be in the best shape.

    • He went on to say that all big guys need to be in the best shape, but I agree it wasn’t really a ringing endorsement.

    • Mattski

      Yes. I felt that still more keenly on a second listen. Could be various reasons, but if the guy wasn’t motivated this summer. . .