Notebook: Mo Bamba focused on 7, uniforms, Fab Five

Dylan Burkhardt

Mohamed Bamba hasn’t officially trimmed his list, but the five-star center is reportedly focused on seven schools. According to a report by ZagsBlog, Bamba’s top seven includes Duke, Kentucky, UConn, Michigan, Syracuse, Texas and Harvard.

Bamba visited Michigan for the Wolverines’ football season opener and hosted the Wolverines for an in-home visit on September 14th according to Zagoria. He’ll host all the schools on his list, with Texas and Harvard visiting most recently on Thursday.

To this point, Michigan is the only school that has brought Bamba in for an official visit. The five-star big man was also invited to USA Basketball’s October mini camp.

Jerseys to be unveiled on September 30th

MLive’s Brendan Quinn reported that Michigan’s Jordan Brand basketball jerseys will be unveiled on September 30th.

There will be an event at 6 p.m. at the Crisler Center to unveil the men’s and women’s jerseys, followed by photo opportunities, door prizes and ‘a musical act of some sort’ according to MLive.

The only tease of the jerseys to date has been this screen grab from a promotional video released around the Jordan Brand launch.

Michigan to host Fab Five event

Michigan formally announced “The Fab 5 at 25” on Thursday, an event to discuss the Fab Five’s legacy 25 years later.

The event will take place at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 8th at Hill Auditorium.

Ray Jackson, Jimmy King and Jalen Rose will be in attendance along with LSA professor Yago Colás, University of Houston professor Billy Hawkins and journalist Kevin Blackistone.

There will be a panel discussion followed by a question and answer session.

La Lumiere Combine

Michigan head coach John Beilein made the trip down to the La Lumiere combine this week to check in on 2017 commit Jordan Poole and 2017 target Brian Bowen.

Former target, and Michigan State commitment, Jaren Jackson Jr. was one of the stars of the event according to most observers, but Poole stood out for his shooting stroke and passing ability.

“Michigan head coach John Beilein was in to see committed four-star Jordan Poole. Poole hit some shots from deep, handled the ball well and displayed his somewhat overlooked ability to function as a high-level passer,” Rivals wrote from the event. “There are more athletic wings in the country, but Poole rates high because of his skill level.”

Top-30 wing Brian Bowen also appears to be close to finally trimming his list down from 12 schools. He plans to trim to “five or six schools in the next week or so” according to Rivals.

Other notes

  • Michigan will host class of 2018 guard Eric Hunter for an unofficial visit this weekend.
  • A closer look at 2018 guard Duane Washington Jr., who visited Michigan last weekend.
  • MrLG

    That’s an insane high school team, La Lumiere. Do they just play in-state schools? It seems like they could win the state championship in their sleep.

    • Prep school, so they play schools all over. They aren’t a part of the IHSAA.

  • nswan

    It seems like Bamba isn’t going to trim his list but actually make his decision. Being his only OV can’t be a bad thing

  • MAZS

    Academically, one school doesn’t belong on Bamba’s list.

  • bobohle

    My thinking of Bamba coming is hopeful. Whenever Duke,Kentucky and Syracuse(Tyrus Battle) are mentioned as being in the hunt, Beilein and staff can not let up on his recruitment.

    • Wayman Britt

      bobohle – I agree, UM definitely needs to keep showing the love to Bamba. I only hope the Bagman from two of those schools you listed don’t show him more love. As for the tobacco school, not publicly known if they have a Bagman.

      • Barth Applefeld

        Do you have an inside knowledge on recruiting a basketball player? Obviously UM would love to have 5 stars signing up in droves, but that’s not the program Beilein runs. If we get one every two or three years, then he’s doing pretty good. Why? Lot’s of reasons (complicated offensive system, high academics, recruiting method, Beiein’s style), but Beilein’s schtick is taking a relatively overlooked player and making them into a star. It works for Dantonio, although he gets embarrassed sometimes by the OSUs and Alabamas of the world. I think that’s more than enough after the Five Fab, etc., but you don’t seem to based on your posts. Okay, but who’s your future head coach? One that the Administration will accept?

        • Mattski

          The Dantonio comparison is interesting, and might carry a little water. But Dantonio is not recruiting high character kids or powerfully gifted students, to my knowledge.

        • Wayman Britt

          Barth- I must not have been clear, I never said I think Beilein should be replaced. I love Beilein. I just don’t like schools that blatantly cheat to recruit players and the NCAA does nothing.

          • Barth Applefeld

            Thanks for clearing that up! It’s easy for me to misunderstand someone’s position based on a quick comment to a blog, especially as comments run together in my mind. As far as the Dantonio comparison, I am not holding him up as a paragon (although he may be), I’m just saying there are different approaches to running a program that can be successful. Not every coach or school is willing to cheat or has the necessary prestige of Duke’s coach in order to recruit 5 star one and dones.

        • AA7596

          Dantonio won @OSU last year with a backup QB

        • MrLG

          Barth- I completely endorse JB’s method of winning with under the radar guys who are high character types. But there are an awful lot of people that post here, particularly in the forum, that seem to prefer a Kentucky or Kansas approach.

  • AADave

    I don’t think we have a realistic shot at Bamba. He”s the #3 player in the country and we’re up against Kentucky, Duke, etc. It could happen but it’s only marginally more likely than winning the lottery.

    But that’s Ok. We don’t need one and done 5 stars. We do need solid 4 star type post players. They have been lacking since McGary. Doyle was a bust. Donnal isn’t a bust but is limited. Wagner still has potential although he’s not likely to ever be a banger inside. We already have Davis and Teske in this year’s class and LIvers next year. All have potential to be solid post players.