Video: Justin Smith Nike EYBL Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Class of 2017 forward Justin Smith¬†is expected to make a return visit to Michigan in August, after attending Michigan’s Team Camp in June.

Smith, who played on the Nike EYBL circuit with Michigan commitment Jordan Poole, has been playing very well throughout July. The 6-foot-7 forward is known for his athleticism and developing shooting stroke and has been putting everything together during the evaluation period.

Here’s footage of the forward in action on the Nike EYBL circuit this fall, courtesy of our friends at Krossover TV.

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  • bobohle

    Hopefully PLAN B.

  • Nick

    Yes please

  • A2JD

    I don’t know if he can defend or not but that was a VERY impressive highlight clip. He’s super athletic but smooth and can finish with either hand.

    • Steve2081

      I feel like anyone as athletic as Justin can defend. Its just a matter of teaching them how and getting them to want to defend. Hopefully with Donlon can be that coach.

      • A2JD

        Yeah, I just wish the highlight videos included some defensive moments.

  • BlueMaze15

    We past Indiana on 24sports for Kris Wilkes services (smile) 50% now with the lead…Hopefully we can get him.

    • bobohle

      This would be a big catch for the early signing period if this happens.