Wednesday Bullets: Nojel Eastern, Trey Burke, Thomas Kithier

Dylan Burkhardt
  • gobluemd16

    Trey leaving Utah was definitely going to happen a while ago — just now reaching the national media. I follow him on snapchat and during a workout a week or so ago his trainer was yelling at him to show Utah what they’ll be missing when he’s gone. Hopefully he can catch on to a team that’ll give him minutes; I’m not sure if the league perceives him as a solid backup PG any longer.

  • bobohle

    Nice photo of the Freshmen

  • Wayman Britt

    Does anybody have any video of Eastern or Lawrence?

  • bobohle

    The X man looks like Muggsy standing next to Davis.

    • Champswest

      One of these men is not standing in the correct order.

  • glenrice41

    the linking is kind of hit or miss on this page. Thomas Kithier and Trey Burke for example.

    • Are the links not working? What do you mean?

      • glenrice41

        Anything in bold is expected to be a link. A few bold names are not linked.