Class of 2016 wing Harold Baruti to take Michigan official visit

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan now has two scholarships to fill and the first candidate might be class of 2016 forward Harold Baruti.

Baruti attends Mountain Mission School in Virginia and is listed at 6-foot-6, 215 pounds. His school tweeted news that he’s on his way to Ann Arbor for an official visit.

Baruti averaged 11.6 points and  7 rebounds per game as a senior according to He shot just 25% on three-point attempts and 48% on twos according to MaxPreps, but was the highest-usage player in Mountain Mission’s offense.

His senior year at Mountain Mission was just his second of organized basketball, according to Vantage Hoops. Baruti, a 3-star prospect, is listed as having a scholarship offer from SMU on online recruiting profiles. He visited Utah State last weekend and also has an offer from Tennessee Tech.

Here are highlights from his senior season at Mountain Mission.

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  • bobohle

    Looks like an athletic rebounder. The question is can he or will he play D. I hope they aren’t just looking for a body to fill a roster spot.

  • AC1997

    I like seeing short-area explosiveness. I expect that Michigan was nearly in last place in the conference for dunks last year as no one on the roster could consistently finish with any authority. For every potential dunk that’s a layup there is a chance for it to miss or be blocked – something that Walton, Irvin, Donnal all struggled with.

    I’ve long craved a hybrid forward who could use his athleticism to do the dirty work the team needs. He doesn’t have to be a great shooter, he doesn’t even have to be a starter. He has to rebound, defend, be aggressive, and make easy baskets.

    I’m not sure if this guy is the right fit or will ever earn playing time, but he’s in the mold I think we’re looking for.

  • Chillax

    Hmmm…I’m not 100% sure what this guy is bringing based on his numbers alone. But if he’s got that many offers he must be doing something right.

  • Mattski

    No better person to gauge Buruti’s long-term potential than Beilein, if you ask me, and he certainly looks like the kind of player we’ve been missing. My question would be whether he contributes soon.

    • robpollard

      Well, the hope is he wouldn’t have to contribute much year one — but I would still expect he’d get playing time of around 5 minutes a game (barring injury).

      He’s at a position of need and anyone who has an offer from SMU is fine by me. Let’s sign him up.

      • Lanknows

        Absolutely will be a contributor if he comes to Michigan. There is not a Beilein 4 on the roster otherwise (after Irvin, who really is a 2 or 3 on offense and shouldn’t be tasked with the grind of 4-duties on D given his O responsibilities). We can all pretend Wilson is going to play the 4 but he needs to make a huge leap to get there.

        I would consider Baruti a favorite over Wilson to get minutes at the 4 unless his jumper is totally broken.

        • Barth Applefeld

          Don’t agree. Robinson will start to space the floor, and Wilson will be better than you seem to expect–how much is the question, but even “solid” improvement makes him a viable player for 8-10 minutes a game against most teams. Baruti will likely need a lot of time and practice to be an effective Big Ten player, even for 5 minutes. Not a knock on him personally or a statement on his ultimate potential, just noting that players with only two years of organized basketball need time.

    • Lanknows

      I don’t see why not. Seems physically capable of contributing right away and played high level HS ball. Beilein wings don’t have to do a lot if they can bring a tangible asset to the floor (e.g., defense, 3-point shooting)

      I’d go so far as to say he’d even have a chance of starting given that Robinson may be better served coming off the bench.

  • A2JD

    He’s got serious springs and the highlight video is impressive. Still, he only averaged fewer than 12 PPG I have to wonder about him. Any chance that he’d be a preferred walk-on candidate?

    • bobohle

      Your last point I echo 100%

      • Tenz

        Wait….why get in the mix with top 25 recruits…if they are going to pick schools like UNC,Duke, UK, UCLA, MSU, and Syracuse? Power house programs will get top recruits and thats that.

        Michigan fans are so forget full…have you been paying any attention to Michigan recruiting the past 3 years? Did we already forget about whats been happening to in terms of us getting screwed over cause we wasted out time trying to recruits top 25 players?

        • Barth Applefeld

          Amen! Unless we have very strong interest from a top 25 player, it is a waste of time as a practical matter. Michigan just doesn’t have the chops to compete with the powerhouse programs for one and dones. Not that I would want us to get lucky again. . .

  • slowtrain

    wow, if it’s true that “his senior year at Mountain Mission was just his second of organized basketball, according to Vantage Hoops…”

  • Wayman Britt

    Definitely has leaping ability, but so did Dawkins. Not very good shooting percentage. The $100 question though is, can he play defense? If he is quick, aggressive and can play defense then he would be a nice role player. The highlight tape didn’t show much defense. Little uncomfortable that no other major programs are looking at him.

    With two ships this year, I hope Beilein just doesn’t go out and get unheralded guys to fill uniforms. Keep at least one of those ships to get a top 100 guy not named Cain, Poole or Young. Those three already have ships with their name on it.

  • Chris De Sana

    Looks like another project with upside due to his athleticism.

  • Tenz

    Most of Beilein’s recruits are usually lacking size and physically not prepared for the BIG10, that being said most of his recruits have high I.Q and skill level for the game. With this Harold Baruti, he lacks the skill level and I.Q (some of the shots he took in the video were terrible) but he is physically ready. He need to improve on different things but I think we need to change up our recruiting strategy. I like the guy, still have to see how he develops his IQ and skill.

  • scott

    He cant shoot 40% in high school no one on Michigan can shoot that’s why they stunk last year