Spike Albrecht to transfer to Purdue for graduate season

Dylan Burkhardt

Spike Albrecht will play his final season of college basketball at Purdue next season.

The news was first reported by ESPN’s Jeff Goodman.

Albrecht, who medically redshirted last year after surgery on both hips, will be immediately eligible for Matt Painter’s team.

This will be the second season that Michigan will lose a graduate transfer to another Big Ten school. Last year, Max Bielfeldt transferred to Indiana and was named Big Ten Sixth Man of the Year.

Albrecht averaged 7.5 points and 3.9 assists per game as a junior, for his career he averaged 1.9 points and 1.4 assists per game.

Michigan has a senior point guard in Derrick Walton and its top incoming recruit is also a point guard, Ohio Mr. Basketball Xavier Simpson.

“The positions we’re looking for in a grad transfer are definitely not at point guard,” John Beilein told MLive. “That wouldn’t make sense. That would be like having three quarterbacks.”

Michigan missed out on Columbia graduate transfer Grant Mullins, who committed to Cal over Michigan and Syracuse, and there haven’t been many other names in the rumor mill although Beilein hinted at an eventful May at last night’s Ufer Quarterback Club Banquet.


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  • EchoWhiskey

    This is a bummer. I was in the camp that transferring to a school on your schedule – especially in conference – should be restricted. Maybe it’s paranoia, but he has institutional knowledge of our program and you better believe that’s going to be mined when we face them. Maybe my thoughts are clouded by the fact that it’s going to suck to play against him.

    • Champswest

      Yeah, I’m happy for Spike, but just like Bielfeldt, I am disappointed that he chose a B1G school. You would think that player that was at a program for 4 years, wouldn’t want to play against his old teammates.
      Purdue needs point guard play, so Spike should get plenty of minutes, if he is up to it.
      It would be interesting to see UM put X on him to see if he could shut Spike down.

      • robpollard

        This goes to show it “strictly business” for the players. I think we, as fans, tend to dislike other schools more than the players do. This is 100% true in the pros, but even in college, it tends to be true.

        I don’t blame Spike — he’s looking for a place that’s close to home (check); a good program with a chance at the NCAAs (check); and that doesn’t have the PGs Michigan does and thus would give him a chance for more playing time, assuming he stays healthy (check).

        That said, I’m not a player — I am a fan of Michigan; that’s where my passions and interest are. So while I won’t be rooting against Spike (except when plays UM), I won’t be rooting for him, either.

    • MAZS

      I think the “institutional knowledge” concern is over-stated in this day-and-age. Every coach in the B10 knows almost everything about every other teams schemes–between game footage breakdowns to coaches (like Beilein) pretty much openly sharing information. It ultimately comes down to having good schemes, players who fit the schemes, executing them and, of course………..really good players.

      • EchoWhiskey

        That may be the case, but transfer restrictions like this are common in football. And generally that is the defense for those restrictions. I do think it’s an advantage for Purdue but I acknowledge that it likely makes little difference in comparison to the other factors you mention. I didn’t understand the push-back against restricting transfer to a few schools when there were literally hundreds of options.

  • Chillax

    So is that everyone from the Finals team is now gone?

  • Fab 5 Legends

    good for Spike, not a fan of transferring to a school in same conference but it is what it is…he was not getting playing time in Michigan…hopefully he stays healthy but i feel like injuries will be a big concern for Spike going forward in Purdue

  • Mattski

    All the best to Spike and may he never kill us.

  • bobohle

    Good luck to Spike except against the Wolverines. As I’ve stated many times before,Spike was my favorite player. I’ve also stated that I have been TRUE BLUE SINCE 1964. Go Blue!

  • Timothy David

    Sucks to see him go but at least we’ll get to see him play at Purdue.