Kameron Chatman to transfer from Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

ESPN’s Jeff Goodman first reported that¬†Michigan forward Kameron Chatman is planning to transfer and MLive’s Brendan Quinn confirmed the news on Tuesday afternoon.

Michigan confirmed the news later this afternoon.

“Kam is a wonderful young man with the potential to mature into a fine college player,” John Beilein said in a statement. “We have enjoyed coaching him over the past two years and wish him nothing but the best.”

“I honestly don’t think I could have had a more quality life experience than I did in Ann Arbor,” said Chatman. “I am incredibly grateful for my two years at Michigan. I would like to thank Coach Beilein and his entire staff for taking a chance on a small town kid out of Portland. I know my experience has inspired others as I will take all of my lessons learned to continue my pursuit of becoming the best man and player I can. Go Blue!”

Chatman averaged 2.8 points and 1.4 rebounds per game for his career and hit a buzzer-beating three-pointer that helped push Michigan into the NCAA Tournament.

Chatman would be the fourth departure for the Wolverines, who also lost Spike Albrecht (Purdue), Aubrey Dawkins (UCF) and Ricky Doyle (TBD).

Michigan now has two open scholarships on next year’s roster, see our full scholarship breakdown here.

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  • robpollard

    Hmmmmm…I have no idea why this would occur. Well, actually I have plenty of ideas, but who knows what is accurate.

    Whatever the reason, it’s not good. I didn’t have high hopes for Chatman, in terms of him ever fulfilling his “5-star” status, but I thought there was a decent possibility he could provide plenty of meaningful, OK minutes next year.

    Unless I’m missing something, our depth next year is going to be challenged.

    • Dwayne Hamilton

      Chatman was horrible and besides that one shot against Indiana, there was no real noticeable improvement from the beginning to the end of the season. Wishful thinking would be the only reason to be hopeful that he would show improvement next year.

      • MAZS

        Chatman wasn’t “horrible”. We all know his weaknesses, but he rebounded at a higher percentage than our centers, and his court vision and passing are far better than any of our 4s or 5s. We might not be a good fit–I think he will land somewhere pretty good.

      • maxwells_demon

        Best defensive forward on the team. Showed signs of being a good passer and his shot was coming along at the end of the year. The kid is 19. Casey Prather averaged 2.0 pts per game as a soph for Fla and was one of their best players as a senior.

        • Chris De Sana

          This is the world we live in, both player and fan. If you do not hit it big now you look for other options. And the fans expect a 5 star recruit to do the same.

  • Tony DeMaria

    What is going on with this program? All 4 guys that left have understandable reasons, plus the assistants moving onto HC roles, but it doesn’t really seem like Michigan is a very desirable place to be right now. Beilein needs to get his program in order ASAP.

    • Dwayne Hamilton

      I won’t miss any of those 4. They needed to create roster spots and the guys that you would hand pick to leave are transferring, doesn’t seem like a problem to me.

      • klctlc

        Amen brother. Feel bad for the kids, but they were middle of the road big ten players at best. I think Beilein is evolving in his roster management and it is good.

        • maxwells_demon

          If by evolving you mean devolving. Our depth at forward positions now reads, DJ Wilson, and we’re an injury away at guard from Dakich logging serious minutes. Meanwhile we have two open spots in May.

          • Mark Worthley

            wait until the transfer situation is sorted out before you jump to any conclusions about wing depth.

  • Jake

    Well of that whole class, 5 or 6 I don’t remember, no one except Muhammad Ali panned out. Everybody else has been a HUGE disappointment for whatever reason. And Spike is what he is, a career backup point guard and we have a good freshman to take that role next year. I would actually have rather seen Wilson go than Chatman but either way I don’t think it’s that big of deal. We still have 1. Walton/Simpson 2. Ali/Watson 3. Irvin/Robinson 4. Wagner/Teske 5. Donnal/Davis

    • gobluemd16

      Teske definitely is not a 4 and Wagner probably isn’t either.

      • Jake

        Wagner should be and would be probably for anybody but Beilien…I somewhat agree with you but who else are you gonna put there? Irvin again? Or Robinson? C’mon man, those guys are 3’s all day and continue to play out of position at the 4

      • Jake

        Also the problem with Teske is he’s only 215 lbs!!! There’s no way he’s standing in the post at the 5…so a redshirt season pretty much for him. Wilson at the 4? I’m trying to be nice here but DJ looks completely lost most of the time. He also is too small at the 5. Same with Wagner. Let’s face it the main reason for the defensive struggles in the post is playing guys who are undersized for their position. Heck, even Donnal is borderline undersized. At times he was manhandled on both ends of the floor last year

        • robpollard

          He’s 245 pounds. A redshirt, if possible, would still be a good idea, but he’s much bigger than you think.

          Also interesting: this article says he occasionally played PG for his team! I’m sure he doesn’t have D1-A PG skills, but it does suggest he can dribble more than you average 7-footer.


          • Chillax

            there is no way he got to 245 pounds without just straight eating horrible food. His cardio would be terrible at this point. But if he truly did the right way that would be some next level dedications.

        • MAZS

          What team are you looking at—because your assessments don’t fit any Beilein team I’ve ever seen? Teske will never be a Beilein 4.

          For all the criticism of Chatman and Wilson both would/will be better contributors in 2016-17 than ether Teske or Davis.

          • Jake

            Same one as you buddy. I’m hoping the new coaches say hey JB, maybe we should run a bigger lineup for the non conference part of the season and see what happens…or just continue to run a 4 guard lineup and get pounder by better teams because our guys are so much smaller. Hey man, I know Teske will never be a 4 for JB but I was just thinking that’s where I would put everyone at. I’m not a division 1 basketball coach though, what kind of lineup do you got for us next year?

  • Mattski

    I really hoped that Kam would have a breakout year–guy had some talent, but sure never thrived here. Don’t think any of us can say much about the impact; we just don’t know.

  • Jon Sohn

    Kam showed some improvement at the end of the season and some kids take longer to develop than others however I don’t see this as a huge loss to the program. Losing Ricky Doyle and Aubrey Dawkins aren’t that big a deal either. It would be nice however to find a senior transfer to add some depth and skill although its getting late. There is some transition going on for sure, but the team next year looks more promising not less.

  • Chillax

    Yeah it sucks to see him go. But the positive will be there are minutes available for new recruits. There is now a gap in seniority and incoming freshman so they won’t be sitting behind players who will be there for 2-3 more years. more opportunity for incoming and potential incoming players.

    Looks like we don’t have a scholarship issue anymore.

  • scipiodreams80

    Glad he had that one great moment. I was concerned about him from the first time I actually saw photos of him and then saw some footage. His lower half just seems ponderous and not athletic enough for high D1 ball. Just don’t see anything fast twitch there.

  • David Remmler

    Sad to see him go but honestly, he likely wasn’t going to make much of an impact. I had great hopes for him given his high recruiting ranking but it appears he was obviously very overrated. He doesn’t have elite athleticism, ball skills or shooting skills. I’m not sure why he was so highly rated. I really wish him well. Maybe in another program he will start to excel.

    As it turns out, the 2014 class was largely a complete bust. The only one from that class to make a significant impact is Rahkman, a lower ranked last minute addition. Go figure.

    While nobody we lost figured to play major minutes, we may have some depth issues going forward. And we really need to step up recruiting given the extremely disappointing results so far from the last two classes. Hopefully, this year’s class (Teske, Davis, Watson, Simpson) pans out. Simpson seems to be the surest thing while the others seem to be question marks, lots of potential but less certain. And hopefully, Wagner and Robinson continue to improve.

  • mikey_mac

    Chatman’s transfer destination could be telling here. I could see him going to a smaller program near Portland to get playing time and/or be closer to home. With Dawkins gone, Chatman is definitely a loss, even if he will never truly be a fit within JB’s system.

  • bobohle

    Well with 2 scholarships available now, Fifth year transfers are a must now. We can’t sit on them like the one last year. Does anyone know if there are any unsigned top 100 2016s out there yet? I certainly hope we can go with either or. Depth will be a problem if injuries happen again. I agree with comments below that the 2014 class outside of MAAR was a complete bust. We could never capitalize on our tournament runs of 2013 and 2014 recruiting wise . It will be a must that at least one of the new assistants is an ace recruiter. Speaking of which, are there any rumblings out there?

    • Wayman Britt

      If I was a betting man I would assume it will be Saddi Washington and Billy Donlon.

  • Barth Applefeld

    I am disappointed to see a player lose out on a Michigan education and that Chatman hasn’t had the career he dreamed of and was predicted to have by many, but if he wants to play ball, then he probably needs to transfer to a different league. One fairly highly ranked class still has a chance to turn out two good players: MAAR and Wilson. MAAR can definitely play in the B10, the question is how high a level. Last year, Wilson needed to learn about his body and how to play basketball after a year off. He has a shot because he has the height and the weight, but it all depends on how well he learns and performs his roles–see Morgan.
    Dylan, there has to be some rumors out there that you can report. There are two open spots. Who is Beilein visiting? Thanks for your great work.

    • Chris De Sana

      Wilsons max potential is something along the lines of Jon Horford; and honestly think he will come up short of that.

  • A2JD

    Chatman would’ve provided a little more depth up front. Hopefully, Wilson can step up to the challenge as a back-up 4.

  • Wayman Britt

    Well losing the 4 players from the class of 14 at the same time will hurt temporary, but after next year it will be well worth it as long as Beilein and I assume Washington and Donlon can reel in Cain, Young and Poole. Getting those three guys from the 17 class will increase the talent level. Then use the forth pick on a potential international player or sleeper.

    • bobohle

      More info on Washington and Donlon please.

  • Leslie Hoerwinkle

    Geez, let’s hope Bron Bron Dakich doesn’t leave next or U-M is in trouble. Of course, they are one injury from a guaranteed second division B10 finish as it is.

  • Chris De Sana

    Thought he would be the first to explore other options so no real shocker here.