Report: Bacari Alexander to be named Detroit Titans head coach

Dylan Burkhardt

After being rumored as the frontrunner for weeks, Michigan assistant coach Bacari Alexander will be named the new head coach of the University of Detroit Mercy Titans — according to a report by ESPN’s Jeff Goodman.

Alexander had been an assistant coach at Michigan since since 2010. He previously had assistant coaching stints at Detroit (2001-07), Ohio (2008) and Western Michigan (2008-10). Alexander is a Detroit native who played the last two years of his college career at Detroit, leading the Titans to back-to-back NCAA Tournament berths in 1998 and 1999.

Alexander was responsible for coaching the big men at Michigan including Mitch McGary, Jordan Morgan, Mark Donnal and others. He was also the Wolverines primary recruiter in the state of Michigan. The former Harlem Globetrotter was known for his gregarious personality, Twitter presence and creative pre-game speeches during his time at Michigan.

Alexander’s departure will be the second change in Michigan’s assistant coaching staff this offseason after LaVall Jordan was hired by Milwaukee earlier this month. Michigan also lost video coordinator Will Vergollo, who joined Jordan’s staff at Milwaukee as an assistant coach. Jordan and Alexander’s departures are the first since the Wolverines replaced all three assistants before the 2010-11 season.

We outlined several potential assistant coaching candidates last week and the list could grow as the Wolverines now have two spots to fill on the staff. Chris Hunter had been filling in for Jordan on the recruiting trail, but the Wolverines may need to accelerate their search with two vacancies.

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  • Wayman Britt

    Congratulations to Bacari, wish him success at U of D. Sure took them a long time to make a decision.

    • bobohle

      Bring on Juwan Howard!

      • Rick Dunaway

        OR ROSE

  • Slim33

    I know have two other teams to pull for in Milwaukee and Detroit, good luck to Val and BA. It will also be interesting to see what kind of offense both of these guys will run with their new teams.

    • Mattski

      I agree. May the Beilein coaching tree flourish!

  • Rick Dunaway


  • Rick Dunaway


    • Timothy David


  • bobohle

    Hey Dylan; Was Mullins in AA yesterday? Was he offered?

    • Mattski

      Am curious myself!

  • DrewGOBLUE

    Juwan Howard

    Posted this on MGoBlog, but Juwan Howard should be, far and away, 1st on the wish list to replace Bacari. For so many reasons.

    1. Fab Five, loves Michigan.
    2. Would be GREAT recruiter, especially in Chicago and Detroit, maybe even in Miami and DC.
    3. Reputation for defense, rebounding and excellent fundamentals.
    4. Does a lot of charitable work with young people; likely to connect well with college players.
    5. Big on academics.
    6. Has good relationship with John Beilein; would likely mesh well together.
    7. Nearly 20 year NBA player. Undoubtedly knows the game very well to last that long without being the freakiest of freak athletes.
    8. Got a few years coaching under his belt with the Heat. Not a ton of experience, but has played large role in developing Hassan Whiteside from long time D-Leaguer into DPOY finalist.
    9. JH – same initials as Jim Harbaugh.
    10. CROOTIN’

    • A2JD

      Sure, you put in the call to him but I wonder if his aspirations are to be an NBA Head Coach. Moving from being an assistant in the NBA to doing the same thing in college is a step down, unless he’d be happy working his way to being a head coach on that level.

      Also, you say he has a good relationship with Coach Beilein. Does he? I haven’t read anything regarding that. If they do have a relationship beyond Juwan attending the Final Four in 2013, that would be great.

      Believe me, I’d love it if he was hired. I just think it’s a pipe-dream.

      • DrewGOBLUE

        I thought I had read an article a few months ago that mentioned JB and Juwan having a good relationship, but wasn’t able to track it down again or any other news piece alluding to the notion. So I could be totally misremembering. This tweet from BA about a year ago did come up, though:

        Bacari Alexander (@bacari34) tweeted at 10:25am – 14 May 15: Juwan Howard always check in with Coach Beilein to say hello! Great person and heckuva coach! #loyalty

        So yeah, at least there’s that.

        You may be right about moving from the Heat to UM being somewhat of a step down, and that Howard might prefer the NBA level. But then again, it’s also possible he’d get more enjoyment out of working with college-aged kids and having an overall bigger impact with regards to the developmental aspect of coaching. And at least paycheck size isn’t likely to be an issue, seeing as he’s in pretty darn good shape financially. It probably all comes down to Juwan’s personal preferences and willingness (or lack thereof) to leave South Beach for AA. But I’d also imagine the thoughts of his Fab Five teammates could be of large influence.

        Still a pipedream, but would be foolish not to take a swing at it.

  • Mark Worthley

    Is there any substance to Juwan Howard’s name being mentioned here, or is that purely pie in the sky speculation?

  • ChaseGoBlue

    So is Grant Mullins a possibility to go to Michigan?