Report: Grant Mullins to visit Michigan on Wednesday

Dylan Burkhardt

First reported by Sam Webb and confirmed by MLive’s Brendan Quinn, Columbia transfer Grant Mullins will visit Michigan on Wednesday.

Mullins is a 6-foot-3 shooting guard who averaged¬†13.3 points, 3.8 rebounds and 3.3 assists in 31.1 minutes per game. He shot 43.9% on three-point attempts and led Columbia to a 25-10 season that culminated in a CIT Championship. He’s a graduate transfer with immediate eligibility because of an Ivy League rule that makes graduate students ineligible to play.

Mullins graded out in the 94th percentile nationally in pick-and-roll efficiency (including passes) according to Synergy Sports. He also graded out in the top ten percent of college basketball players in catch-and-shoot ability and shooting off the dribble.

Mullins also visited Syracuse on Friday and California on Monday. Michigan currently holds one open scholarship for the 2016-17 season and while Mullins hasn’t been officially offered the spot, that offer could follow when he visits campus tomorrow.

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  • Cory

    I would welcome this addition just from a depth standpoint. Let the scholarship be open again in 2017 and add to that class.

  • MGoBlueAdam

    Love those efficiency numbers in this offense. Makes me want to land him even more.

  • Mattski

    Just nosed around and watched some film; kid is very solid. Would be a good get.

  • ChipperFliet

    Rather have Spike.

    • Mattski

      Will be one of the interesting storylines this year if Spike ends up elsewhere and healthy.

      • ChipperFliet

        Yes it will. And unlike when Beilfelt went else where, I will root for him every step of the way. Someone earlier suggested Purdue (was it you Mattski). That would be a great fit. Better there than IU.

    • suavdaddy

      So you would rather take a player that has averaged under 4 points a game and may have serious health risks at a position where there are two better, healthy alternatives (Walton, Simpson) vs a player that is fully healthy, fills a wing need and averaged 13 points a game and 43% 3pt% in Division I basketball. That doesn’t make any sense.

      • ChipperFliet

        OK now, 6’3″ is not a wing. He is a 2 guard with good numbers against lower level D1 guards. I agree Spike’s health is a big ? ..
        But you can’t measure the intangibles – his heart and leadership, making other players around him better, not to mention the team chemistry, by keeping him!

        • ChipperFliet

          I.E.; teams w/ chemistry last yr.- MSU and IU.
          Teams W/O chemistry but arguably more talent, Purdue and Maryland.
          Just saying….

        • Mark Worthley

          Yale won a game in the NCAA tournament. So, hold up with the “competition” argument. Columbia played them twice, and he played well in their first game.

          • GTFOmycourt

            Yes. Let’s not get crazy and insinuate the big ten is a more competitive league than the ivy.

          • Mark Worthley

            The Big Ten is a better league than the Ivy. However, that’s a big leap from what I said. If a team from the Ivy league can win a game in the NCAA tournament, then one player from one team from that conference can probably play in the big ten. I.e. the competitive chasm isn’t so great that one player from that league has no business in the big ten, as was the argument I was responding to.

            When I hear that the level of competition is so out of whack that a player from the Ivy League can’t play in the big ten, I infer a comparison of the Ivy League to middle school. My point was that the level of competition is not that disparate.

            Obviously Grant Mullins cares more about academics than basketball, which might explain why he went to Columbia, and also why he chose Berkley. I think he can play in the big ten, and so does Beilein. Boeheim thinks he can play in the ACC, league competitiveness and all.

          • GTFOmycourt

            I may have missed it but l do not see where anyone was arguing the argument you claim people (chipper?) were arguing. I think Chipper was just saying that Mullin’s stats might be relatively inflated due to the weaker league play of the Ivy and that we should keep that in mind when forming expectations about how much success Mullin’s will have in the Big Ten.

          • Mark Worthley

            you said, “Let’s not get crazy and insinuate the big ten is a more competitive league than the ivy.”

            I inferred that as a sarcastic response to my reply.

          • GTFOmycourt

            Nobody that I am aware of was arguing that no players from the ivy are good enough to play in the big ten.

    • Slim33

      rather have a guy who is 6’3-6’4 and healthy that didn’t miss any time due to double hip surgery and can play the 1 or the 2, call me crazy.

      • Champswest

        How many times in the last four years have you watched Spike and thought, man I wished this guy was a few inches taller and a half step faster? I have thought that on numerous occasions. I think Mullins would be a taller Spike.

    • MrLG

      Agree. Give a scholarship to Spike. Whether it’s Spike or Mullins, it probably won’t have a big impact on the success of the team. Spike is a true blue Wolverine and should not play elsewhere.

    • Chillax
  • bobohle

    As I’ve stated previously Spike was my favorite player on the team. However at this point in time Grant Mullins is the best best option for the program need wise. It would be too much of a gamble with Spike’s health when they don’t even know if he will be able to play health wise or even ever be able to play at his previous level having been not playing in year.

    • bobohle

      ……and will still have the scholarship to use for 2017.

    • Wayman Britt

      bobohle – I totally agree with this, but I think we are in the minority. Some people are going to put all the blame on Beilien for Spike not coming back, but moving on might even be Spikes idea. He wants to play major minutes, would not get those minutes at UM.

  • OctopusJoe

    Basically we’d just need one of Chatman or WIlson to become a 15-20 minute player and we’d be in solid shape next year in terms of depth. Still a lack of stars and so the starting lineup is nothing to write home about, but would probably be one of the stronger benches in the conference.


    • Mark Worthley

      Wagner will be a star.