Report: Michigan reaches out to Columbia graduate transfer Grant Mullins

Dylan Burkhardt

According to a report by ESPN’s Jeff Borzello, Michigan has reached out to 6-foot-3 Columbia guard Grant Mullins.

Mullins, who just finished his redshirt junior year at Columbia, will be a graduate transfer with immediate eligibility. Forced to transfer due to Ivy League regulations, ESPN’s Jeff Borzello reports that Mullins has heard from Michigan, California, Syracuse and Hawaii.

Mullins averaged 13.3 points and 3.3 assists per game last season while shooting 44% from three-point range. The Canada native made 63 threes last season, but had roughly a 50-50 split between two and three-point attempts.

He also attempted 48 free throws per 100 field goal attempts and shot 83% at the free throw line while posting above-average assist and turnover numbers.


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  • gobluemd16

    Expecting another transfer then? Hope he isn’t a PG…

  • Brett Podwoiski

    i don’t understand, didn’t think we had room for any grad transfers? does that mean JB figures someone else is leaving the program?

    • Chillax

      I’m confused as well

    • MGoBlueAdam

      JB is simply coming up with a contingency plan if someone else leaves. Not out of the question at this point.

  • MGoBlueAdam

    If someone else leaves, sign me up. They could use another guard who can shoot the ball off the bench. And with him being a grad transfer there is no harm for future scholarships

  • There’s always the potential for attrition and the staff wouldn’t be doing their job if they weren’t doing due diligence on available targets.

    • Chillax

      ah ok. So it’s not like someone is more than likely leaving that we haven’t heard of yet. Does Beilein have the conversation with Spike and Ricky, or did they see the writing on the walls. I always wondered how this goes down in the backround.

      • I wouldn’t necessarily be surprised if there was additional attrition, just stating that ‘reaching out’ to potential transfers is a very early step in the process.

        • Chillax

          got it! cool beans.

  • Ben

    Don’t understand looking for a small guard…..even if there’s attrition why not just bring Spike back. Now if we were looking for a wing/forward that would make sense.

    • victorycircle

      Small guard? He is 6ft3 . Im tired of people complaining about SPIKE. HE’S moving on get over it and you basically contradicted yourself by saying that we have no use for a smaller guard, but asked about why not keep SPIKE ? THIS kid has not stepped one foot on campus and people are already complaining. This what I hate about this fan base.

  • Bigrange

    Coaches always have to have a plan B, C, and D. JB is reaching out with some interest, letting Mullins know UM is interested if something works out. Can’t wait until something happens, because by then the player(s) you want would probably be gone.

    • victorycircle

      People will learn about pushing away players before they graduate. The same people will turn around and complain about not having enough seniors.People wanted to see to see Max go, saying he was too short and not ” a Bigten player” but when he goes to a big ten school and plays well winning the 6th man of the year – people complain and call for JB’s head. Thank God that our coaches don’t listen to you complaining people because Mark Donnal wouldn’t have never evolved andnKam Chatman would have never got us in the tournament with that great shot. Stop giving up on players before they graduate and then get made when they go somewhere else and perform. STOP WISHING FOR TRANSFERS AND LETS DEVELOPE THE PLAYERS THAT WE HAVE.

  • Cory

    So if he were coming from Columbia and has never had an athletic scholarship before are we sure he’d take one up here? Could he potentially get an academic scholarship or financial aid package similar to what he got there?

    • bobohle

      Good point!

  • AA7596
    • bobohle

      I don’t think comparing how the the football coaches view Graduate Transfer policy with the basketball coaches if not the same should be looked at being hypocritical. Now if Coach Beilein brought in a Grad Transfer from another B1G School after not releasing Spike to another B1G school then that would leave room for that speculation. From what I see the school is within the rules to not release within the conference. I still think the whole Max going to IU was Crean’s dislike for M assistant Jeff Meyer. IMO!

      • NorthernBlue

        Inside info on that or just a gut feel? Also, I truly do see a dislike from Michigan’s coaching staff towards Indiana which made getting that win even more amazing this year. I don’t see the dislike between M and Indy in other situations besides Izzo hating Michigan by association.

    • NorthernBlue

      Actually, I have no problems with this at all. I get from a biased point of view coming from the player and the family there might be a school that he wants to go to in the B1G and from the Albrecht’s point of view he gave Michigan his heart and soul on the court for 4 years. But, Beilein is right when he mentions the “4 years of development, now he’s killing you on MSU”. Fact is, no other Major conference school recruited Spike and when Spike came here the B1G had the rule that they and Michigan are now enforcing or upholding or whatever you want to call it. So, this rule was always in place and when Spike signed LOI these were the conditions he was coming into and there are 351 more schools for him to attend. Also, Max did hurt us in those games and made Indiana a slightly better team this year, and Spike’s a better player than Max. Basically, I hope Spike gets into a great situation outside of the B1G. The situation will play out as it will, but there is nothing JB’s doing wrong here.

    • mikey_mac

      I think this is a legitimate problem for Beilein, and I believe UM is on a “wrong side of history” path with this. Obstructing a student’s ability to maximize his own individual benefit is crass and hypocritical, considering the financial benefit Spike (and all other football/basketball student athletes) provided UM.

  • Wayman Britt

    This player sure has very good offensive statistics. I wonder if he can play defense? I love how Beilien is keeping all options open and looking at different players. You never know who is going to get hurt, transfer, pull away from a verbal commit or not enroll.

    • mikey_mac

      Yeah, the pool of contingencies isn’t very deep, but you have to wonder if this would be a great move, since JB has already gone out of his way to mention picking up a “defensive stopper” type. Mullins def has the offensive numbers to fit, though.