NCAA 2016: Michigan vs. Notre Dame Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

After a wild two days of NCAA Tournament play, Michigan will put its season on the line once again tonight in Brooklyn. Tip-off is scheduled for 9:40 p.m. on CBS — officially 30 minutes after West Virginia vs. Stephen F. Austin — as the Wolverines get set to play their fifth game in eight days.

Join the discussion in our open thread before, during and after tonight’s action.


  • Indiana_Matt

    I think the key to next year being more special than a barely-make-the-tournament type year (other than general improvement by everyone) is for Moe and Muhammad to really make strides. They have the aggressiveness and competitiveness. Game just needs to slow down for Moe and he needs some added strength. And if Muhammad could get a little more comfortable finding other people when he gets into the lane… I think that makes us kind of special. Also Duncan taking more shots inside the arc and getting to the line.

    Very Proud this team got 23 wins without their senior leaders. They didn’t fold. Just wish we could have got that one tonight after that beautiful first half.

    • Stephen Chang

      Michigan came out in the second half too passive and they should have kept the foot on the petal. They let their guard down and ND came back and won. 23 wins is a huge improvement from last year.

  • Tony DeMaria

    One thing that was disappointing offensively in the second half was MAAR and Duncan Robinson were completely invisible in favor of Irvin jacking up shots and trying to run plays to get Donnal involved.

    • Tony DeMaria

      And holy crap I just saw that Irvin was 4-16. Look Irvin has proven to shoot himself out of slumps in the past but damn that’s a lot of shots to take when they aren’t falling

      • Stephen Chang

        That is bad, 1-9 from outside as well. He had a rough season this year and hopefully he is fully healthy and plays much better next year

    • Chris De Sana

      Hard for them to get involved when Irvin and Walton jack up bad shots early in the possession, especially Robinson because he has not proven he can get his own shot as of yet which means there has to be plenty of ball and player movement to create opportunity. That just simply does not happen enough.

      • Jdubb

        Walton took 6 shots in the 2ND half but you not saying what else did he do to keep us in the game.

        • Chris De Sana

          What was the shot clock when he took them and how many of them did he make?