NCAA 2016: Michigan vs. Tulsa Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan and Tulsa are set for a 9:10 p.m. tip-off in Dayton this evening as they close out the First Four.

Carter Blackburn, Mike Gminski and Jaime Maggio will be on the call for truTV. You can locate what channel truTV is on your cable or satellite network here (247 Comcast Ann Arbor, 1164 U-Verse, 246 DirecTV) or you can stream the game online at

Join the discussion in our open thread below before, during and after tonight’s tip-off.

  • malcolm bolt

    The team really doesn’t need to shoot 100 3s. They are stuck in that mindset. Establish MAAR and Wagner for valid 2s.

  • GTFOmycourt

    If Wagner would have made early mistakes, he probably would have been sent to the bench, and we would have lost. If Walton did not go to the bench for foul trouble we probably would have lost. Glad Wagner played a lot.

  • Stephen Chang

    This game was much closer then I expected. Irvin and Walton have to play much better because Notre Dame will take advantage of those mistakes. Outside shooting was very poor because they decided to take the shot early instead of passing it around and making a good shot selection. Wagner had a great game and Michigan made key FT to close out the game. Now that Michigan got their jitters out of their systems, I expect them to play much better on Friday while ND will be shaking the rust because they have not played since March 11th. If I am Beilein, I would insert Wagner in the place of Donnal because Donnal did not do much tonight. But, that might not happen. Survive and advance!

    • ToledoUMfan

      I agree except I would still start Donnel, let him get his fouls and then ride Wagner after that

      • Stephen Chang

        I am wondering if Donnal has lost his confidence or he is just simply not into the game because he look like he was not focused. Doyle scored 2 more points then he did and Wagner was simply doing a better job overall. Wagner’s potential will rise and hopefully become stronger next year. Beilein’s number one goal heading into next year is to find a way or two to develop the bigs on his roster.

  • Champswest

    Austin Davis scores 17 in Onstead’s 49-44 loss to River Rouge.

    • Stephen Chang

      Hopefully he puts on more weight and develop more post moves when he arrives at Michigan. Same thing with Teske.

  • Jdubb

    Good win. Win is a win. I’m proud of the guys. Good night y’all can complain , some of y’all said they wasn’t going to beat Indiana