Video: Kameron Chatman talks game-winner vs. Indiana

Dylan Burkhardt

Kameron Chatman couldn’t stop smiling in the locker room after knocking down the game-winning shot to send Michigan to the Big Ten Tournament semifinals. Chatman hit the three to win the game despite having only knocked in seven threes in Michigan’s first 32 games.

Chatman also fielded an interview question from his point guard, Derrick Walton, who admitted in the post-game that he thought it was actually Aubrey Dawkins in the corner when he passed the ball.

  • Mattski


  • JimC

    That shot may be the one that put us in the big dance….KAM!

  • Fab 5 Legends

    couldnt be happier for Kam…well deserved…hes been playing well last couple games…im the first to admit i doubted his skill and…he is finally showing why he was a highly recruited player…i expect this to be a confidence builder for UM and for KAM in his future career….GO BLUE…we caan beat PURDUE! we beat them once before during the season…lets go

  • glenrice41

    Kam was like…who me? OK!

  • glenrice41
  • Chillax

    Looks like Purdue is up next….

    • bobohle

      That’s ok to get another top 25 win. We need to play like the last Purdue game.

  • Champswest

    Cam is a sophomore, as are several others on this team. We need to stop thinking that every guy, no matter how highly rated, should just come in and perform at a high level right away. Most guys need a little time to adjust and figure things out. I hope this propels Cam onward and upward.

    • bobohle

      I think it will.

  • bobohle

    Those guys at espn always promoting ACC, Big East,A-10 and any other Eastern Team on the bubble for getting in.