Video & Quotes: Spike Albrecht talks Michigan career, future

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan point guard Spike Albrecht shut down his season in December, but he’ll be honored at Senior Night before Saturday’s game against Iowa. Albrecht discussed what it has been like to watch this team from the sidelines, the direction of the program, and whether he might one day play again.

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On the slower recovery: “There was nothing exactly to know. I think that the five to six month (recovery time) was a little unrealistic to be playing college basketball. Like I said before when this whole thing happened, I felt pretty good during day-to-day activities, but it’s a whole different animal trying to get out there to practice and play full-speed, moving laterally. When I tried to do that is when I started to get setbacks”

On whether there’s a chance he’ll be back: “At this time I really don’t know. It all depends on how I’m feeling in a few months. I’ll have to sit down and talk to doctors, my family, coaches and see what the deal is.”

On how he feels now: “It feels okay, still some good days and some bad days. Especially days after I practice or do a elite bit too much working out wise, I’ll feel it for a few days. But overall I definitely feel like it’s getting better.”

On a future in basketball: “Maybe, I don’t know. I have to wait and feel it out for a few more months and see how I’m feeling. My focus is getting healthy and making sure I’m graduated.”

On not playing while Michigan tries to make a NCAA push: “It sucks. There was a similar situation last year with Derrick and Caris. Just seeing those guys log such heavy minutes this year and wanting to get out there and help, but knowing that I can’t. It definitely doesn’t sit well.”

On how different the season would be if he and Caris were healthy: “A lot different. I can’t make any remarks on record or where we’d be or things like that, but I know from experience that teams are a lot different when you have senior leaders out there.”

On appreciating the Final Four: “Definitely. I always say like my first two years I thought this was just what college basketball was like. I thought it was just a walk in the park, we’re going to win a lot of games, not much adversity and everything is going great when you’re winning. But then I think last year and this year were a little bit of a reality check, face some adversity, guys get injured and things like that.

“My first two years other than Mitch’s injury were pretty smooth sailing. Definitely makes me appreciate it more, but I’m not upset because that’s part of college basketball.”

On the Fresh Five still being in college: “It’s crazy. I mean I think about it all the time, ‘can you imagine if my class was still here?’ But I feel like every team in college basketball could probably say that. What if the Dukes and Kentuckys had their teams too. There aren’t enough basketballs to go around. But it would be really cool because those are three of my good buddies.”

On the program: “I think we’re in a good spot. Considering what we’ve gone through the last few years in terms of injuries, I’m not using that as an excuse, but I don’t think we’ve really flinched in effort.”

On a conversation with Coach Beilein about a potential return: “I haven’t really had a conversation with him about it, just because I know like you guys know with the scholarship situation and things like that, but I know at this time that I’m not feeling good and I’m not ready to play. I always told him that I’m not going to use up a scholarship if I don’t think I can play and help. I won’t be making that decision until after the season, I don’t want to distract him more than anyone else.

On potentially playing somewhere else crossing his mind: “No, I definitely haven’t pictured myself wearing (another school’s colors). Max is one of my good buddies, but it was weird seeing him. Especially for me with how great Michigan has been to me and all of the fans, so that’s not something I’ve given much thought to.”

Would he like to play if healthy? If I’m healthy, yeah. That’s a loaded question, it’s like would I like to be a millionaire or a doctor? Yeah, but who wants to go to school for seven years? If I’m healthy and I think I can play, obviously I’d want to consider it. That’s something I’d have to run by with the coaches and my family and stuff like that.”

On whether he’d play on Senior Night: “No I wouldn’t imagine. Coach hasn’t even really brought that up to me, like I said we’re pushing for a tournament run, I don’t think Coach B wants to put my old, out-of-shape butt out there. I would definitely like to keep all my options open.”

On whether he’ll dress: “I don’t know, I’m about to find out like you guys if there’s a jersey in my locker. I noticed my practice jersey either shrank or I’m getting fatter, so one of the two.”

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  • Champswest

    Great interview. I enjoyed hearing Spike’s views.

  • Wayman Britt

    Lossing Spike was a big lost this season. He just had a way to spark the team when he was in the line up. One thing he has that Walton and Irvin don’t is consistency.

  • Carl

    Alabama losing is huge. They are pretty much done now.