Game 28: Michigan at Maryland Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan is in Maryland this afternoon with a shot at a much-needed victory to bolster its NCAA tournament resume. Tip-off is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. at the Xfinity Center with Clark Kellogg and Kevin Harlan on the call for CBS.

Join the discussion before, during and after tip-off in the comments section below.

  • Dave Pratt

    Yes sir. Hard to win on the road doing all of that

  • Chezaroo

    Well at least we have one big going forward. Helluva game Donnal. 5 blocks too

  • Alex

    Didn’t get the W but they fought hard and we’re not dominated in a loss to a good team. That’s progress. We got contributions from everywhere. It stinks we were so close but at the same time I would much rather us have a hardly contested game than the blowouts we’ve seen this season. This game against Northwestern is huge. Have got to win that game. If we do I think one more win anywhere will get us in. A loss there would be devastating. Give an effort like today and we should bounce back.

    • Indiana_Matt

      Agree. The NW victory and then one more anywhere and we dance. An achievement after losing our two seniors.

  • moenice

    Why doesn’t Beilein change inbounder from Zac to anybody.. I’m not convinced he is the greatest coach ever at M at times

    • Mattski


    • Dave Pratt

      Moe the OOB plays IMO are the culprit more than Irvin. We have never been great at inbounding the ball under JB. Struggle against a full court press too

      • Mattski

        Actually, there was a stretch where announcers were extolling Beilein as the nation’s best inbound coach. But we have struggled the last two years, for sure.

        • Dave Pratt

          I’ve seen an OOB play where Michigan ran around in a circle then scattered.

          I think the announcers saying that is a lot of fluff Matt

      • moenice

        I hear you Dave….opportunity for improvement going forward.

        • Dave Pratt

          Team hasn’t shown must consistency all year. Next game is the biggest of the year. it’s hard to say what team we will get. Short bench should help Moe if he sticks with it

          • moenice

            The jury is out… Definitely a must win

  • malcolm bolt

    Can Donnal sustain these efforts the next few games? Or will he regress to the quality of a clumsy big man playing at Utah Valley State?

    • Mattski

      Only time will tell etcetera.

  • Dave

    Did we blow chances yes. But the refs gave them the game starting with the melo call. You don’t bail someone out who just runs into you and flails. That was piss poor. If I was b i would have gotten a technical

    • Rich74

      If I was coach B I would have been watching the last 5 minutes of the game in the locker room.

  • Dave Pratt

    Then Michigan wouldn’t have had a shot to win it or tie game