Video: John Beilein recaps loss at Ohio State

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan head coach John Beilein praised Ohio State’s defense after his team was beaten on the road Tuesday. The Wolverine head coach also provided an update on Caris LeVert, who was unable to play after playing 11 minutes in Saturday’s win over Purdue. Beilein reported that LeVert was still experiencing pain and had been unable to practice for the last few days.

  • Wayman Britt

    Really like that Tate kid, missing out on him in recruiting could hurt UM for years to come.

    • bobohle

      I agree and also Jaylen Brown who is expected to be POY in the Pac-12

      • Mattski

        Really wanted him. But we note he is already gone from Cal. And not a great 3-point shooter.

    • scipiodreams80

      Please, I can’t think of a guy who fits what we do less. He’s like a slightly more athletic but way worse shooting Novak. He’s at his best against teams like ours, unfortunately. Guys light on the bulk trying to defend him and guys who, outside of Walton, don’t seem to take much pride in protecting our defensive glass.

      • mpbear14

        “Fits what we do less” sounds like something we need on this team.

  • bobohle

    They aren’t learning from their mistakes like they say they need to.

  • Coltrane

    Beilein, Walton, Irvin, Robinson and MAAR look exhausted.

  • scipiodreams80

    I find it kind of infuriating that it’s some sort of surprise that Ohio State played tough defense. That’s what they do. We did not seem to have a very good plan to exploit how far out they extend their defense.