Video: John Beilein talks win at Minnesota


John Beilein met with the media after Michigan’s 8-point win in Minneapolis. The Wolverines earned the much-needed victory, but they had to sweat it out after a late Gopher run cut the lead to 2 points in the closing minutes.

Watch the full interview in the attached media player.

  • Tuff Enough

    Please we all seen what went down and it was almost the wolverines. Beilein needs to stop with the bench play so long in games, he does it all the time with getting leads and almost blowing them . I know you want to get some playing time for your young guys but if they are not ready there not ready period! Maybe a couple minutes in there and that is all, these games are to important to let them get away and not make it to the dance. Now lets keep it going and play tough down to the last game. Go Blue…

    • Ernie Silverthorn

      Did you watch the game? JB really had a very short bench last night, He basically played seven players. Dakich played in the first half and did OK, two rebounds, two assists, no turnovers. Moe played one minute because of foul trouble. Seriously, the problem wasn’t the bench. The problem was that we couldn’t defend the dribble drive late in the game and we made a few uncharacteristic turnovers at inopportune times which really changed momentum in Minnesota’s favor.