Video & Quotes: John Beilein discusses loss to Indiana

Zach Shaw

John Beilein was naturally frustrated with his team’s performance as the Wolverines dropped to 7-3 in the Big Ten with a double-digit home loss to Indiana. The Wolverines started strong but watched the wheels fall off late in the first half as Indiana unleashed a 25-0 run.

Watch Beilein’s comments in the attached embedded media player or read select quotes below.

On the team panicking after falling behind.

“They’re 18 to 19 to 20 year old kids, and they’re going to make mistakes like that. I’m not a softie here, I’m just not throwing guys under the bus and I’m not telling them that they panicked. Indiana was really really good tonight, and we were really bad.”

On the 28-0 run

“It’s a flow sport. You don’t have a chance to huddle up all the time. We had some open shots, we missed them, they’re tremendous in transition as a team, and Yogi Ferrell is as good a point guard as there is because he can shoot off the bounce, he finds people, he’s playing team ball and they’ve got shooters everywhere. So we kept getting the ball at the zero yard line and they kept getting the ball at the 35.

“All of a sudden the flow was going their way, and we couldn’t stop them.”

On Indiana’s offense

“I’m not going to have any excuses. They’re really good at what they do and we couldn’t stay in front of them, and few people have, they’re averaging 80 damn points a game, few people have. Better teams than us probably have done better.”

On moving forward

“I think they need to stay out of the gym tomorrow and I think they need to rest. Because we’re going to be doing this again soon, and we’ve got a great team coming in here, a team every bit as good as Indiana coming in here, and we’ve just got to come back well rested, we look at it, we educate ourselves of what happened and try not to make those mistakes in our next games.”

On Indiana’s defense

“In the second half they took away some of our options and nobody has done that and we weren’t good at (countering) today. The way we scored at the start of the game was exactly what we had planned on coming in. All of a sudden we missed a couple shots got a couple shots blocked and all of a sudden we lost an awful lot of confidence from the original (plan).

“Once again, credit to them. They’re not as known for their defense as some of the other teams in the league, they played really great defense on us today. … They’re good, but they played great tonight.”

On Caris LeVert’s return

“We’d love to have him back, there’s urgency to get him back, but that’s up to his health, that’s up to God’s will, there’s a lot of things. We can’t say ‘Let’s hurry up and get him back,’ his healing process has to hurry up and get back.”

  • Wayman Britt

    I am very frustrated by Beilein blaming things on youth. In the world of basketball almost every team has freshman and sophomores playing major roles. When Walton, Irvin and Donnal are seniors are they going to all of a sudden get more talented and play better to get their team to a final eight or four?