Report: Spike Albrecht considering medical redshirt

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan announced that Spike Albrecht had effectively retired a ten days ago with a formal press release announcing the end of his Michigan career.

According to a report by Mike Hutton of the Post-Tribune, which cites Albrecht’s father, it appears that it might be too early to call it quits on his playing career.

Based on what the doctors have told us,” said Spike’s dad, Charles Albrecht, “I think he’ll play.”

Albrecht is eligible for a medical redshirt. A player who has completed less than 30 percent of his season can apply for one. That’s the plan, according to Charles Albrecht.

As the original report states, Albrecht would be still eligible for a medical redshirt. Beilein mentioned the idea in passing last week, but didn’t seem to think it was likely.

“That’s out there somewhere, but I don’t think he plans on that,” Beilein said of a fifth-year last week. “But that is the truth. … That’s going to be up to Spike, 100 percent.”

If Albrecht were to play his fifth-year, there could be potential scholarship issues if he wanted to do it at Michigan. The Wolverines are already oversigned by one and they’ll have a senior point guard in Derrick Walton and a four-star freshman point guard in Xavier Simpson.

Simpson recently scored 59 points in a game and Beilein had ample praise for his incoming point guard.

“We talked with Xavier (Simpson) after his game. He reminds us of another guy we got from Ohio,” Beilein said, comparing him to former All-American Trey Burke. “It’s tough to compare those two, but there are a lot of similar traits for a guy that can score from deep like that. He scored five three’s in that game, and the knock on him going into last summer was that he couldn’t shoot. He’s become a really good shooter. His in-between game and assist numbers and defense are outstanding.”

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  • drew

    we will do a crowd funding to pay for spikes tuition

    • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

      This has to be done.

      We cannot have Spike play his 5th year somewhere else.

      This young man has done so much for this program, it would be criminal to not find some way to have him play here his final season.

      • MChem83

        Well, the way to do it would have been to not waste a scholarship on Austin Davis and put ourselves in an untenable oversigning situation. Offering him so early was needless and a mistake from day 1. If you don’t think so, ask yourself, if we hadn’t offered him before, and knew he would accept on the spot, would we still offer him today?

        • If Michigan hadn’t signed Austin Davis, it would still be full. I think the bigger issue is that U-M will have 2 PGs. A senior PG of the present and a freshman PG of the future. Are you going to have 3 6-foot-ish players in the rotation?

          • MChem83

            Well, Beilein has already said that the coaches had a plan to get us back down to 13 if there is no other attrition before next year, so unless that plan was to gray shirt Davis or ditch him some other way, it could still be applied if we hadn’t taken Davis. The point being that tossing that offer rather hastily at a player who is, A, a project and B, at a position where we only play one guy at a time anyway, has now put us in a position where we have no room to maneuver. And all we get out of it is another Blake McLimans taking up roster space for 4 years.

          • Mattski

            Unless you have insider info, this kind of armchair criticism comes off as pretty obtuse. Why on earth would you assume that these thoughtful, highly paid people are oblivious to such issues? And–perhaps more to the point–how could they possibly have known they would be down a roster player this year?

  • GTFOmycourt

    If there are no long lasting effects to playing then I sure hope Spike takes the medical redshirt and we make room for him any way we can to keep him in a Michigan uniform for his final year. Given that we are over signed by one, then what are the different possible ways we could make room in an ethical way? Is there a cap on how many red shirts Michigan can assign in one year? What are our options?

  • MrLG

    Great news, hope to see Spike on the court next season.