Game 11: Northern Kentucky at Michigan Open Thread


Michigan and Northern Kentucky tip off at 7:00 p.m. this evening from the Crisler Center (BTN). Join the discussion in our open thread below.

Pregame Reading

  • MGoTweeter

    Way to go caris!

  • Burke_Does_Work

    Woohooo!! Funny that the crowd cheered like that haha

  • yumyum

    I was sure Donnal was gonna miss that :)

  • Chezaroo

    I know he is limited, but it warms my heart to see Donnal play well. Great kid.

  • Mattski

    Just drive on us; we’ll be glad to oblige you.

  • Champswest

    Doyle/Donnal combined for 20 points on 8 of 13 from the field with 7 rebounds.

    • gobluemd16

      Plus about 3 dropped passes and 2 missed layups :)

  • gobluemd16

    Congrats, Caris!!!

  • MAZS

    Don’t think we learned much if anything–other than Beilein is starting to shorten his rotation.

  • Burke_Does_Work

    I’m pretty confused why Kam didn’t play at all until the end despite the fact he played well last game

  • GTFOmycourt

    I have seen enough of Robinson. I am not satisfied with him just opening up the floor for the other guys when the opponent shadows him. Would like to see him receive ball screens and see if he can hit off the bounce, hit the rolling big man, drive for the dunk, or kick it out to an open Walton or Levert. If Stauskas can do it to perfection then Robinson might be able to do it pretty damn well because I’ll be damned if this kid is not an elite shooter, a good passer, and a pretty good ball handler.

    • Mattski

      Might want to reserve judgement a little until Big Ten play. Really encouraging, though.

      • GTFOmycourt

        I would like to see his best Stauskas impression against easy teams prior to conference play actually.