Video & Quotes: John Beilein recaps 47-point win over Delaware State

Zach Shaw

John Beilein met with the media after Michigan’s easy victory over Delaware State to provide some injury updates, discuss his change to the starting lineup and much more. Watch Beilein’s press conference in the attached media player or find full notes and quotes below.

Opening statement

“Well you certainly have two different teams between SMU and Delaware State. The growth we made in those couple of days from that really disappointing performance. A win would have been really tough there, but we had a performance we did not like at all, but I saw great carryover today. Really solid with our defense, on offense the ball didn’t stick nearly as much, we had 23 assists, and there’s got to be carryover from that. You hate to lose, you really hate to lose, and the only good in it is maybe it makes us better in some other areas.”

On starting Duncan Robinson

“We feel right now our flow defensively and offensively is better as a starter for Duncan. Get him in there and let him go and get more scorers out there. He and Aubrey do a lot of things very similar, there’s just a different flow right now with him. I think it make other guys better, and as we work at some of the things Aubrey’s working at, we can shore some of his weaknesses up, which I think we some of it today.

“In preparation for games, those are five guys that we’re starting right now that we feel very comfortable with not only at the beginning, but at the end of the game as well.”

On D.J. Wilson’s injury status

“He sprained his ankle in practice yesterday. So I do not know … it’s showing some signs of Derrick Walton-type of sprain. It was more swelling than we thought. We had another one that turned out to be nothing — he felt good today. But it looks like (Wilson’s injury) could be a week or two, I have no idea.”

On Andrew Dakich

“He doesn’t look the part, but he sees the floor, he’s got a lot of Spike in him. I thought today that he tried to do a little bit too much on a couple plays, but I’ve got a lot of confidence in him right now. I watch it every day. Every day when we play against the scout team, there’ll be a moment in that scout game where [Beilein pauses to sneeze] I sneeze and the game’s on the line, this is for the sprint. And Andrew will make a play that helps the other team win. Every day, there’s these times that he’s got that ‘it’ feel to game … It’s as good as we can do right now to replace Spike.”

On Kam Chatman

“He made shots, but I don’t want that to be the main indicator whether Kam plays or not. I want to indicator to be can he guard his man, can he rebound, can he get on the floor for a ball? That’s just gravy when he gives us that (scoring threat), it’s great, but he’s not in the lineup for that role right now. His primary role is to guard the heck out of somebody and rebound. He is developing, it’s incrementally getting better and better as a shooter. Sometimes it’s just a matter of confidence and reps, because he hasn’t had a lot of reps yet.

On Caris LeVert

“He was almost apologetic for his performance (against SMU) and I told him ‘There’s nothing (to worry about), people are going to have bad games, and those things are going to happen. Let’s get right back on the horse and go.’ There are very few young men that I have seen that have this idea that there’s a process to everything and that I’m going to embrace the good and bad. It’s almost a religion to him that he does not overreact to good or overreact to bad — he’s just always trying to be the best he can be, it’s really helpful.”

On LeVert being the lone senior

“When I made the announcement, everybody was in a bit of shock. A few guys that know Spike well knew that this could be coming, but then I said to Caris ‘Hey, we’re a long way from you five freshmen walking out on the floor together in Atlanta after a timeout. We’re a long way from that.’ And he looks around and says that ‘All five guys could be here, and now I’m here.’ And he just looks at it like ‘Alright, that’s God’s will, and I’m going to make the best of it.’ “

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