Recruiting Roundup: Commitment updates and videos

Dylan Burkhardt

Several Michigan commitments were in action over the last week. Here’s the latest on how Jordan Poole, Xavier Simpson, Ibi Watson, Austin Davis and Jon Teske have played this fall.

Jordan Poole off to good start

Jordan Poole scored nine points in a 86-63 blowout win over Case to move to 4-0 on Tuesday night. He also had 17 points, with 10 in the first half, in a 80-55 victory over Marquette at the Terry Porter Classic. Here’s footage of Poole at that event earlier this season.

Simpson opens with comeback win

Xavier Simpson scored 26 points in a 67-66 comeback win over Toledo St. John’s on Tuesday night. Simpson’s Lima Senior team trailed by 17 points at one juncture and stormed all the way back in the second half.

Simpson’s late shot to take the lead was blocked, but his teammate grabbed the offensive rebound and scored with eight seconds left to play.

St. John’s coach praised Simpson after the game.

“Xavier is real good,” St. John’s coach Ed Heintschel told the Toledo Blade. “We’ve played against some great guards, and he’s among the very best.

“He just makes things happen. He gets to the lane and gets incredibly easy shots. We were working hard to defend him, but he just makes it difficult.”

Ibi Watson, Pickerington Central fall

Ibi Watson scored 24 points in a loss to rival Pickerington North. Watson was without his fellow wing, Jalen Tate (concussion), but fell just short in leading his team to a win over its division rival, falling 68-62. Watson’s Pickerington Central team also cruised by Thurgood Marshall last week.

Teske plays well vs. Solon

Medina knocked off Solon in its season opener and Wolverine commitment Jon Teske finished with 17 points in the victory despite battling some foul trouble. Here are highlights of the Medina victory.

In its second game, Medina knocked off Ashland. Teske had 16 points and nine rebounds in the victory.
“We pride ourselves on the defensive side,” Medina center Jon Teske said. “We like being defensive-minded. We try to get stops. Usually defensive stops lead to easy buckets, and that’s what we tried to do tonight.”

Austin Davis racking up stats

Austin Davis had 23 points and 11 rebounds in a 61-35 win over Napoleon on Tuesday. The 6-foot-10, 232 pound center averaged 26 points and 17 rebounds per game last season.

  • Just Saying Man…

    I still don’t like the Bigs we give scholarships too. I know that it is difficult to recruit big men into our offense but I am finding it hard to believe we have any chance in ever winning the national championship by the quality of our big men. These guys look bad

    • nswan

      Havent seen much recent film on Davis but completely agree. It is becoming harder and harder for me to swallow that we only play one big at a time yet plan on having 5 or 6 of available scholarships dedicated to a position that is wholly lacking. I am not optimistic about next year especially through the lens of having any semblance of a post presence

      • NorthernBlue

        I am optimistic about Wagner, and if he can push Doyle into a bench role, I think that position will be okay. Poole looks great.

        • Tuff Enough

          I agree, Big Mo will be a very good player when he gets the system down. It takes some time for a 18 year old out of high school to come in and learn Beilein systems. But wants they get it down man it looks good out there.

        • nswan

          Yeah I have hopes for Wagner developing. but the more I watch belien recruit bigs and his rate of success of those bigs, I see that our efforts and time and scholarships can be better spent elsewhere. Look at all the talent that he has developed and had succes with from the wing and guard spots. Don’t get me wrong, we do need some semblance of rebounding and post players but the number of scholarships that we have dedicated to an afterthought position in beliens system is a bit frustrating

      • section13row15

        I’m more worried about getting guards who can get the ball into the post and fit it into tight holes on cuts, pick n rolls, etc. Our bigs can’t gain any confidence seeing 3 passes a game. Furthermore, in a game like Tuesday’s when nothing else is working, why not try to run offense through our bigs? It’s very frustrating to watch us try to manufacture every basket from perimeter players.

        • nswan

          I agree that it would be ideal to get our bigs some legit touches in the post at the very least just to build confidence, but I don’t think belien will ever run an offense through the post (at least low post). To my recollection, even with mcgary we didn’t run many sets for him in the post

          To me, it boils down to we need to be more efficient in the paint. Whether that is through penetration or through post play. Once we have that outside will certainly fall more and we also won’t be so one dimensional

    • David Remmler

      I’m also skeptical of our front court recruits due to a lack of athleticism or elite talent. But they do have great potential and I wouldn’t say they “look bad.”

      Ideally, we need some big body/athletic front court players who can rebound and alter shots defensively. We have nobody on the current roster who fits that mold and neither Teske nor Davis seem to be sure things in that regard.

      That being said, Beilein did sign these guys early and he has a solid record of identifying under-the-radar talent (although less so with bigs).

  • Corperryale

    Teske didn’t challenge a bunch of shots in the paint by guys a foot shorter than him. Hard to see how he will fare against guys with a major strength advantage. Seems to have a great attitude and a credible jump shot, but those qualities alone (in a college center) don’t secure NCAA tournament berths, let alone deep runs. Although they seem to be the main things that Beilein is looking for.

  • bobohle

    It’s hard to tell on Teske until we see video of him playing against someone his size or bigger. I think Simpson,Watson and Poole will get really good. I just hope we can hold on to Poole till he is signed next fall. We don’t need another Ty Battle situation.

    • Wayman Britt

      Good observations. Poole looks like the best of the bunch. I also worry that he might start to wander if UM doesn’t make the tourney.

      Concerned about Simpson’s height. If he is getting blocked this often in H.S., it will be extremely hard for him to score in college. Teske should be dominating in H.S.especially against the team he was playing. He had a foot on everybody. Does any poster know the strength of the league his H.S.plays in? Sometime these bigs guys look great in H.S. but they play for smaller H.S.

      • Teske plays for a pretty good sized school in Northeast Ohio. Davis plays small school ball in Michigan.

      • Corperryale

        Yes I noticed that the highlights showed two Simpson shots getting blocked pretty badly. He’ll need to work on his floater since that finger roll in traffic isn’t going to cut it in the B10.

    • Tuff Enough

      Poole seems to have great parents and they are from Wisconsin which are good people. They take there word serious and I trust that he will want to play the Beilein guard system.

  • Champswest

    Dylan, love these updates.
    Teske looks heavier and stronger than last year, with pretty good foot work and strong finishing moves. I would expect him to improve even more when he gets here and can work out with other bigs his same size.
    Simpson and Poole look to have the ability to drive the lane. That will be nice to have.

  • Wayman Britt

    Dylan or other Posters:

    Does anybody know what size these high schools are in Ohio? Do these recruits play in competitive basketball leagues? Competition means the world when comparing H.S. stats and development.

    Everytime I would take a player from the PSL or Saginaw Valley who averages 15 points a game, versus some player in a Class C school in out state Michigan who averages 25 points and 10 rebounds a game.

    • bobohle

      I agree totally with your second paragraph. Of what I’ve seen from Davis playing at a small school, I am very skeptical.

  • JJ3ball

    Teske moves easily. He’s fluid for a 7′ HS player. Good looking shot and nice outlet. Still looks to have a long way to go to compete in the BIG. Good coaching will do wonders for his poor positioning in the paint.
    At this point I think he has to RS. The difference between Teske and Wagner is significant.

  • Tuff Enough

    WOW Teske is looking good sense the last time I watch some film on him. Boy poole is going to be something to look forward to in 2017 and he will be one of the top players in the Nation is senior year..Go Blue..

  • Stephen Chang

    Teske is a big dude and can pass it well. He can shoot a three which is not bad. He needs work, but I am confident that he will get better during the season and when he gets to Michigan, hopefully he will be even better. Watson and Simpson are nice additions to the backcourt and Davis is a solid player too. Hopefully Michigan gets more guys for the 2017 class and sounds like Poole is going to be a pretty solid player as well.

  • ZtMaizeNBlue

    Slightly off topic, but I was wondering if anyone here knew of the website that tracked all college basketball teams recruits, and had a nice table/chart showing available scholarships, average stars per class, etc. Coulda sworn I found it through umhoops, but now I can’t even find it through a google search.

    Also, I’m optimistic about this recruiting class. Beilein has done a well enough job recruiting, but we’ve been unfortunate with injuries these past couple years.