State of the Blog: 9 Days Remaining

Dylan Burkhardt

With nine days left in our State of the Blog fundraiser, we wanted to thank all of who have contributed this far and helped us reach 40% of our goal already.

We still have a long ways to go, but are grateful to everyone who has contributed. We’ve received 81 contributions for $4,029 and have 40% of our target, that’s an average of $49 per person. As I wrote in the original post, your support is all paramount to keeping this site running in its current format and allowing us to continue to provide comprehensive Michigan basketball coverage.

Remember that we are giving away a few perks in this year’s fundraiser. You can get a t-shirt, a framed print of any of these photos or a subscription to ShotAnalytics for your contribution at various levels.

With the end of the donation drive just over a week away, we wanted to reach out once more to ask for your support. You can donate via the buttons to the right (with payment via PayPal or Credit Card).

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