Game 7: Michigan at N.C. State Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan heads on the road for the first time tonight at PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC to take on North Carolina State. Tip-off is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on ESPN2 and you can join the discussion in the open thread below.

Pregame Reading

  • moenice

    They are filing out of PNC

  • MGoTweeter

    Nice win. Now it’s all about healing Walton.

  • jemblue

    Really gutty effort tonight. We still have work to do on the defensive end but compared to Xavier, this is night and day.

    • Mattski

      On the contrary, this is a bad team and it’s going to get worse. :)

      • Old man

        You see nothing from Wagner and Robinson that is encouraging to you? I find it hard to believe. Even Doyle had moments.

        • Mattski

          No, man! I’m delighted with the win. I’m quoting a guy in the discussion section.

          • mpbear14

            I’m happy for the win but NC State is a bad team. Long way to go.

          • Mattski

            True, but get past SMU and they can use the next games to tune up for the B1G. Clearly, you’re on the pessimistic side.

  • bobohleb

    Tremendous win with Walton injured again.

  • Cory

    I’m encouraged by the performance and encouraged that it’s an ankle injury to Walton’s other leg and not a reoccurrence of his foot injury from last year.

    • bobohle

      Yes . The tv announcer Mike Patrick said it was the same foot.

      • Cory

        So by Mike Patrick’s standards tonight I’m fairly certain it was not the same foot.

        • section13row15

          Did you notice that Mike Patrick was naming the wrong player every time someone scored?

  • bobohleb

    Doyle is getting better. Albrecht doesn’t need practice to play. Nice minutes by him

  • GTFOmycourt

    NC State looks like garbage to me. It would have been a horrible loss. Not a good win even without Walton and Spike.

    • Mattski

      Fortunately, the rest of the planet is likely to disagree with you.

    • Horrible loss is harsh. Can they shoot? No, but that second half FT drill is what a lot of NC State games amount to. Top 100 win on the road is nice regardless.

    • bobohle

      They beat LSU. Give our defense some credit. The fouls differential called the second half was horrible

    • GTFOmycourt

      I will assume you guys know better than I do. to me, NC state looked thoroughly bad. I am glad it is considered a good win to people that know better than I do.